A Private Decentralized Network On The Hyperledger Fabric Enabled A Technology Group To Improve Blockchain Adoptability

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Client Overview
A technology group in the US wanted to build a digital platform where different businesses can use blockchain to manage their IT landscape. An associate of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) - a specialized agency of the United Nations - the client is transforming IT infrastructure management with its proprietary blockchain-powered cloud ecosystem. We partnered with the client to build its decentralized platform that offered multi-cloud capabilities, including BaaS and IaaS. We used different ledger services, such as Hyperledger Fabric, to build a platform that could support different cloud environments - AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, etc.
Business Needs
With an aim to transform the way players from different industrial backdrops unlock their full potential, the client wanted to use blockchain. As blockchain had successfully disrupted different industries, the client also wanted to leverage this technology to herald an era of digital transformation for multiple clients. Here are some concrete business needs that the client had in mind before the start of the engagement.

  • Building and deploying an end-to-end tokenization platform for creating and managing different blockchain-based digital assets
  • Building a robust network over a decentralized technology that would enable its partners to onboard pre-programmed blockchain ecosystems for different industry segments
  • Accelerating the pace at which new partners signed up on blockchain ecosystems
  • Improving the flexibility at which new organizations would join the infrastructure and leverage new-age technology without escalating the adoption costs
Strategy & Solution
After analyzing proposals from different blockchain development companies, the client finalized to use Flexsin as its engagement partner. The client and our team of blockchain developers brainstormed extensively to come up with the idea of deploying IaaS for BaaS. Our experts figured out different resources that we would require to get this project up and running. While deploying the hybrid cloud IaaS, we created a fresh resource group for pre-establishing frameworks that could work on different cloud ecosystems. In the beginning, the client used the following cloud environments, including Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and OpenStack. However, the client planned on bringing in more enterprise cloud ecosystems down the road.

Once the hybrid system was developed, the client envisioned helping consumers assign the location to their cryptographic materials for accessing their secure shells. Post-deployment, the client also planned on allowing its consumers to pick service providers depending on their own structures. Once the hybrid IaaS ecosystem was deployed, the client also thought of letting consumers pick the characteristics of their infrastructures and locations. Afterward, through this blockchain-powered ecosystem, the client wanted to help consumers gain visibility while their ecosystems were implemented.

While building a multi-framework BaaS, we used R3's Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Besu, Quorum, and other ledger services. We even invited third parties to join the blockchain network quickly. Additionally, we helped users install, upload, and upgrade their Chaincode, CorDapps, or smart contracts. Once the multi-framework BaaS is deployed, we made sure the organizations could assign the location to your network cryptographic master key. Besides, the client's BaaS even allowed consumers to pick the consensus form and choose configuration options for their networks. The BaaS deployment helped organizations assign networks to their infrastructure. Other than that, after BaaS was deployed, the client enabled its consumers to pre-establish endorsement policies whenever necessary.

Once the solution went live, the client also streamlined and accelerated the onboarding process of pre-defined networks that were to be used by the client, partners, and other network users. Once the mega blockchain was deployed, the client and its partners could select service providers based on their structures. The blockchain solution even sent users confirmation to join the sub-network. Last but not least, every sub-network came with pre-defined purposes. To monitor the resources used over the blockchain network, we used virtual machines (VMs) and containers. These VMs and containers helped in life cycle management and health monitoring. Leveraging these containers also enabled the client and network users to select any resource, interact with it, and monitor it individually. The users could even monitor the health of their containers and VMs and modify settings whenever necessary. Moreover, accessing VMs through SSH was also made possible. Not just that, the users could even control the lifecycle by either stopping or starting their VMs and containers.

Our team used JavaScript and HTML/CCS to design an intuitive UI. We even ensured that the UI had simplicity baked in on top of it. Here are some of the key highlights of the network's front-end.

  • Ensured that the learning curve for new network users was not steep
  • Built dedicated sections to advise and list steps on managing the network
  • Simplified how new users could sign up and register their network on the infrastructure

Our backend developers built the application using Node.js. For the server, the team used Golang so that every request could be catered to optimally. Here are some of the highlights of the robust backend that we developed for the application.

  • Leveraged Chaincode to initialize and manage the ledger state while transactions are submitted by the application
  • Developed a secure and robust blockchain backend on Golang
  • Stored the entire blockchain ledger on MongoDb's database-as-a-service cloud solution
  • Implemented standard Cron expressions for scheduling tasks for different contracts
  • Enhanced project dependability by using Node.js

Development Process
At the outset, our development team used an agile work methodology. This methodology has always helped the team in managing complex project requirements. Besides, embracing an agile work philosophy has empowered our team to accommodate urgent requirements from the client's team. Some of the highlights of the development process are mentioned below.

  • Understanding and defining the scope of the project
  • Setting work-specific milestones from the get-go
  • Outlining project deliverables with their respective timelines
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for driving the project forward
  • Submitting periodical work reports and arranging regular sprint meetings
  • Handling on-the-fly project requirements even when the development work was underway
  • Testing deliverables before they were submitted to the client

Business Outcomes
The blockchain application went live as per the defined schedule. This application has met all the required performance parameters set by the client's team. The users of the application have also given great feedback as far as the application's functionality and usability go. Eventually, after the blockchain solution went live, the client reaped the following benefits.

  • Expanded the client's user base by 25% within a quarter of the launch of the blockchain application
  • Accelerated the pace of sign-ups happening on the blockchain platform
  • Simplified the enrolment process for organizations and partners and fine-tuned the sign-up experience
  • Made the blockchain ecosystem scalable enough to add new platforms at speed and scale
  • Enhanced the transparency of implementing blockchain solutions over the network
Client's Speak
The project was too big, and we were skeptical about how anyone would implement it. But Flexsin has been phenomenal from the start. The team showed its incredible breadth of experience in ideating, designing, and deploying the project. We’re satisfied and would vouch for Flexsin’s blockchain expertise.
Paulo Brizola
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