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Flexsin Is Now A Strategic RPA Partner Of Datamatics TruBot

Jun 14,2019
June 14, 2019 - Noida, Uttar Pradesh: Flexsin, a global leader in IT, digital and software solutions, is now a recognized RPA partner of Datamatics. Flexsin's recognition showcases the company's implementation capabilities of best-of-breed Robotics Process Automation (RPA) technology.

"Flexsin's focus within the RPA ecosystem has remained strong from the time the technology gained momentum".

This momentum, envisions, is all set to be accelerated as Flexsin has joined forces with Datamatics TruBot - a leader in building an innovative robotics process automation platform. Flexsin is planned to empower its partnership for helping its clients simplify automation, improve quality of services, reduce labor costs and strengthen the efficiency.

"Through this partnership, we will help our clients unlock the full potential that RPA technology brings to the table". Flexsin will leverage this newly formed association with Datamatics to let automation revolutionize the way any company's conventional processes work. This partnership will be used by many companies to optimize the existing processes and power next-generation innovation seamlessly.

Flexsin is experienced in deploying full-cycle automation frameworks that enable enterprises to manage a variety of repetitive tasks. These tasks include connecting to APIs, auto logging in to different applications, managing records, creating folders and files, managing database, opening emails or attaching files to them, and the like.

The robotic process automation framework delivered by Flexsin empowers enterprises to free their human capital for carrying out high-level cognitive initiatives and optimizing customer engagement. The company powers the next level of automation by applying Datamatics TruBot and advanced robotics for making business decisions more adaptive and automating repetitive human tasks.

Integrating robotics process automation, Flexsin aims to create touchless business processes that amplify business value, improve efficiency and enrich customer experience. The company is consistently evolving its process automation framework for delivering an innovative and intuitive service stack for enterprises across different business verticals.

With this partnership, many clients right from healthcare, banking and financial services, to high tech will be ready to embrace automation.

About Flexsin : Flexsin has deep RPA expertise that empowers enterprises to combine its different capabilities related to AI, machine learning and human workforce. The company has expanded RPA possibilities for many of its clients by developing enterprise automation roadmaps, analyzing automation readiness, defining RPA governance frameworks and implementing cutting-edge automation tools including bots.

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