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Flexsin Business Credibility Excellence Gets Global Recognition With Dun & Bradstreet

Nov 18,2016
November 18 2016 - Noida, Uttar Pradesh: Flexsin, a leader in digital transformation and global technology solutions, received Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) listing and D-U-N-S Number to strengthen its business credibility and corporate integrity on a global scale.

D-U-N-S, or Data Universal Numbering System, Number is a unique nine-digit identifier for standard-setting influential enterprises. D-U-N-S Number is referenced by valued business partners and strategic investors for predicting the financial stability and reliability of an organization. This unique number is recognized by renowned industries and trade organizations across the world.

Receiving a D&B listing and acquiring a D-U-N-S Number, Flexsin has showcased the robust financial and operations parameters that it follows. Flexsin continually modernizes its business technology vision, innovation road map, governance setup, commercial models, quality practices and managed operations. This strong dedication to improving its business model has enabled Flexsin to receive D&B listing and D-U-N-S number. With this strategies association, the company is ready to execute government contracting initiatives on a global level, reflecting its creditworthiness and unlocking multiple credit opportunities worldwide.

D&B listing empowers Flexsin to explore new growth opportunities and implement proven enterprise-expansion strategies. Strategic associations like these have supported Flexsin to deliver connected experiences to clients by leveraging its technology consulting capabilities and end-to-end digital strategies in blockchain, data analytics, IoT, RPA, AI, and other disruptive technology practices.

With its D-U-N-S number and D&B listing, Flexsin is building a transformative view of different IT capabilities and modernized business models that deliver enriching customer experience while improving business execution.

The company drives innovation in different vertical sectors including Manufacturing, Consulting, Retail, E-commerce, Automotive, Utilities, Public Sectors, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare and many others. The company plans and executes different digital initiatives for building full-cycle development and deployment ecosystems that improve time to market and accelerate growth rate for Flexsin's enterprise clients.

The D&B listing and the unique business number of Flexsin reflect the company's multifaceted capabilities across the complete digital spectrum. This association is a strong testament to Flexsin's robust IT capabilities in executing digital enablers and accelerators that drive high-velocity outcomes for enterprise clients.

About Dun & Bradstreet:
Dun & Bradstreet is an established industry leader in delivering commercial insights and corporate data to enterprises worldwide. Developing and maintaining the largest global commercial database, the company enables its partners to deliver growth accelerators while improving their business performance through the power of data analytics. The company simplifies the process of selecting the most promising growth partners and moving forward with them.

About Flexsin:
Flexsin is a global leader in delivering technology and consulting solutions by leveraging its deep IT expertise and digital capabilities. The company delivers emerging technologies that power business transformations and bring the digital ability for enabling enterprises to build robust business ecosystems. Flexsin brings a wide gamut of IT solutions to enterprises that want to leverage blockchain, IoT, data analytics, RPA, AI, and web and app development solutions.
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