Created An iOS and Android App To Help Air Crew Keep A Record Of Their Fellow Staff Members And Travel Companions

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Client Overview
This app was conceptualized in a way that it keeps track of the air crew. To all the pilots and flight attendants, here is a smart mobile app designed and developed just for you. AirCrew would be serving the flight attendents as a handy pocket pal. Thousands kilometers up in the sky, an app will be tracking and managing users' trips, hotels, flights, expenses, crew members and many more. AirCrew will even manage the expenses of yours on shoe polish and uniforms last year.
Business Needs
Client approached us to develop a mobile app that can be a solo, smart help to the air crew, keeping record of crew members and other travel companions. Besides, the app must be able to keep records of and manage how many flights and kilometers/miles have already been traveled so far.

Well, that's not it. Client wanted it to keep a track of user's hotel details and also contact information of each city visited. The app was asked to have 10,800 airports (which is to keep increasing over a period of time) No matter if the user is a commercial crew attendant or occasional air crew member, AirCrew had been designed to serve all.

  • Keep tracks of cities and hotels visited.
  • Manage contact information
  • Keep records of kilometers and miles traveled.
  • Track down the expenses of crew members
Strategy & Solution
The solution we designed for our client is comprehensive in all terms and worth the time and money invested. App was conceptualized following multiple consultations and one on one discussion. Be it features, operational convenience, navigation and loading time - It came out to be exactly how it was expected.

Front-end Our developers made sure that the app worked well on Android and iOS. The application used Swift, Objective-C, etc., for designing a robust front-end. Here are the highlights of the front-end of the application.

  • Faster load times
  • Highly intuitive UI
  • Highly responsive to touch
  • Accurate search results

Backend For designing this application, our team of application developers made sure to use the latest front-end technologies. From improving app debugging to accelerating its performance, the app's backend had the following highlights:

  • APIs built on CakePHP
  • Robust core application logic
  • Developed flexible external libraries
  • Leveraged MySQL as the application's database

Development Process A wise and smart development process is the sign of a professional team and their work. At Flexsin, we take a pride in our highly functional and efficient mobile app development process plan as it includes:

  • Note down the business needs and track the progress
  • Identify what sort of data the app requires to track
  • Put all the configuration details on record
  • Verify if the app meets the business needs
  • Develop a prototype and put it on test
  • Deploy

Although it's pretty much evident that technology is constantly evolving, however some basics should never be avoided or replaced.

Business Outcomes
A good app is defined by how well it's running since the day it went LIVE and how satisfied its end users are with the improvements made over a certain period of time, in-app navigation simplicity and little or no experience of crash while loading.

And, finally, an easy to reach customer support desk.

  • Simplicity for the end users
  • Both Android and iOS must be covered
  • High performance
  • Security
  • Regular updates
  • Personalization options
  • Search
Client's Speak
Great company, great team, fast responsiveness and problem solving. Great at implementing and transforming an idea into reality.
David Merry
Owner at GoFly Media, LLC, Denver, USA
Let's collaborate and discover propositions that unlock business opportunities.
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