Built A Construction Liaison App That Minimized Quality Issues In Real Estate Projects By 80%

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Client Overview
A market leader in the shell construction business, Akcel Construction provides best-in-class masonry, framing, and concrete services to developers and builders. Having rich experience that spans over three decades, the client has successfully completed more than 20,000 shell construction projects in the residential segment in Central Florida and neighboring regions. The client follows best practices and the latest innovations for raising the benchmark for quality in shell construction.

Business Needs
The client wanted to build a one-of-its-kind digital platform for bridging the divide between real estate builders and customers. For that purpose, the client wanted to create a full-fledged enterprise application that would harness the power of mobility. On top of that, the client wanted the app to cater to four different users having individual sign-up pages for each of them. These user types comprise:

  • Client: This section would help the client's customers specify their requirements and preferences for their bedrooms, kitchens, drawing rooms, flooring, ceiling, etc. The space would even allow the clients to view progress, make amendments, and gain control over the overall construction project.
  • Vendor/Constructors: The section would be only logged in by vendors. The vendors would use this space for updating the project's progress every day.
  • Employees: The employees of the client were supposed to use this section for reviewing the constructor's onsite and offsite tasks and add their comments.
  • Website Administrator: A dedicated section for the administrator was required for managing the complete website, its users, and their activities.

Strategy & Solution
The client collaborated with our application development team for building and deploying an end-to-end business application that would run on both Android and iOS. The hybrid app development team followed developmental best practices for building a blazingly fast application with an ultra-smooth interface. The team even made sure to reduce the response time of vendors by updating the client's request in real time by deploying a powerful backend solution.

Front-end For making sure the interface of the enterprise application was smooth and fast, our team of front-end developers focused on UI designing. Our front-end experts put SDKs in proper order; that way, the development team gained access to multiple device features while doing cross-platform accommodations and support.

  • Leveraging Swift and Objective-C for iOS
  • Using Java and Kotlin for Android
  • Building intuitive dashboards for all user groups

Backend Our development team built a robust backend for the client's enterprise-class app. The backend process in app development included syncing operations, building superior workflows, improving the launcher, connecting APIs/plugins, enhancing the security, and making sure that the reporting work is properly done. Here are the technologies we used for developing the client's app:

  • Leveraging Apple Xcode for auto-completion/instant rewarding
  • Using MySQL as a robust database
  • Harnessing CakePHP for API implementations
  • Achieving superior data comparison and aggregation with XML

Development Process We followed a collaborative approach for ensuring that the development work was completed as planned. Working closely with the client's team helped us build an intuitive enterprise application with a solid backend system in place. The following steps were taken for making sure that the development work was completed on time every time.

  • Building a crystal-clear road map for creating an end-to-end development strategy
  • Analyzing the target market and planning accordingly
  • Setting data architecture and workflows
  • Creating fresh wireframes before initiating the actual development work
  • Making the UI intuitive, fast, and highly responsive
  • Establishing fresh development style guides as a solid point of reference
  • Running mockups and prototypes while accommodating any last-minute changes
  • Testing and debugging the application against different quality development parameters
  • Deploying the final application
  • Defining periodic maintenance schedules

Business Outcomes
Once the project came to a close, the client had a full-scale enterprise mobile app running smoothly on Android and iOS. Once the application was deployed, the client reaped a number of benefits. Below are some key highlights of the association.

  • The average time taken for project completion was brought down by 20%
  • Quality issues for every project were reduced by almost 80%
  • The app deployment brought a single source of truth for every project data of the client
  • Experienced an improved the engagement rate between the client's different user groups

Client's Speak
I got my business iOS app developed for constructors and customers on time with quality work! My team is using it and they are able to communicate with the customers very fast. Thank you Flexsin team!
Rubi Akooka
CEO - Akcel Construction, Orlando, USA
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