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Building an intuitive iOS app to lighten up the mood of America

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Located in the US, the client manages one of the most popular iOS apps for helping people enjoy and relieve stress without hurting anyone, anywhere, anytime. The app allows people to throw handcrafted pies on the faces of other people, virtually. The app has gained a lot of traction among users who want to vent their frustration and have fun without getting messy. To cater to the requirements of its growing user base, the client is constantly releasing new versions of the app to iron out glitches and give its users a rich UX.

This project was an interesting challenge, requiring the well-thought balance of clear and accessible functionality and stylish visual concept corresponding to the theme of having fun without harming anyone.

  • Time Duration 6 Months
  • Team Effort 7 Persons
Business Needs
To make its vision of putting some fun back in the lives of Americans, the client chose the iOS platform for building a robust app. To make sure the client made its vision a complete reality, the client had laid out many business needs.
  • Client wanted to build a intuitive application that comes with very little or no learning curve. Client wanted to have design that will have needed options and materials for a given task visible without distracting the user with extraneous or redundant information. Client was looking for design which will reuse internal and external components and behaviors, maintaining consistency with purpose and will invite the user to use and explore the app and make sure, users understand the visual hierarchy of the different elements on screen.
  • Giving users an incredible level of personalization by letting them create their own pies. Client wanted to achieve personalization through features like pop-ups or dialogue boxes, search recommendations by end user mood or preferences, and special offers. Client main priority was to have user experience becomes customized to users' needs, rather than a broad, one-size-fits-all approach for all users. So, user experience was at the core of mobile app personalization, and achieving optimal stage means providing users with state-of-the-art UX.
  • Allowing users to publish their video of throwing pies at their targets on the website
  • Making sure the user's personal details, including email addresses, are stored securely
  • The application had quite a diverse target audience of various age, gender, physical abilities and level of mobile usage. Depending on the end user's application will go on different devices and many external other factors influencing user experience. So, client wanted user interface to be highly intuitive and employ well-recognized patterns of user behavior.
  • Enabling users to create funny videos where they can virtually throw pies on people's face. Client requirement as to provide the two most popular forms of content for the end users: animations and video. The challenge was to make the experience entertaining and innovative.

Strategy & Solution
To help put its vision from paper to the real world, the client partnered with our iOS app development team. Besides engaging our iOS developers who have deep expertise in Swift, the client also has leveraged PHP developers to use Laravel as a backend for the application. To oversee swift completion and successful deployment of the project, the client also leveraged a Scrum Master with over a decade of experience.

As the app was built for the masses, it had to have a very interactive user interface. When an app gets incredibly difficult to use, its user base will take a hit. However, we made sure the native iOS app was easy to use. Right from the sign-up process to creating videos and sharing them, everything was intuitive and easy to do.
  • Based on the results of primary research, Flexsin created a generic user persona of potential users and end users story was mapped with different phases of development. Design and communication opportunities at each stage were identified which enabled Flexsin to create an intuitive and responsive user interface
  • Based on the key findings and generated user flows, Prototypes from Flexsin enabled client arrange the interface elements easily and parallel focusing more on the functionality of the app.
  • Building a consistent interface appearance on iPhones and iPads
  • Making sure the sign-up process is a single-page process
  • Building easy-to-manage themes for the app

Since the app created and stored multiple pie videos, it was equipped with a robust database. The backend of the iOS app stored not only user-generated videos but also login credentials safely. We leveraged Xcode's IDE and used Laravel Version 5.7. A few other key highlights of the iOS app's backend are listed below.
  • Simplifying the way integration is done with mail services. Swift was chosen for development as it was found to progressively useful and gives code that is less blunder inclined on account of its inline support for controlling content strings and information. Backend technology was chosen based on security prerequisites, administrative concerns, competitors' products, and reasonableness of developers.
  • Automating testing ecosystems to accelerate time to market
  • Safeguarding the login details of users by storing them in a robust database

Development Process
Leveraging an agile development methodology, we catered to any last-minute requirements or project changes from the client. Thanks to our expertise and flexible development process, we accommodated any change to the scope of the project seamlessly without affecting its final deadline. Here are a few highlights of our development process.
  • Planned the scope of the project alongside the client's team
  • Made sure the look and feel of the app is highly interactive
  • Accommodated on-the-fly changes to project deliverables
  • Reviewed the app for any shortcomings through our QA experts
  • Worked out post-delivery maintenance schedules

Client's Feedback

Despite the project's aggressive deadlines and my no-compromise stance on quality, Flexsin delivered..

Business Outcomes
Within a span of six months, we delivered a fully functional app to the client. Once the app was published on Apple's App Store, it attracted an incredible number of users. The completed project perfectly captured the client's vision of having a feelgood application that would help users enjoy their time on the internet. Here are a couple of concrete benefits that the client experienced once the app was made available to the masses.
  • Built an intuitive and highly attractive app UI having a fun air
  • Attracted over thousands of users in the first week of the app's launch
  • Grew the app's user base at a steady rate of 10 percent monthly.
  • Boosted the client's business revenue through the app by 30 percent

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