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About The Game
With an idea to build a tense game, our development team came up with the idea of a cross between an FPS game and a fatal dinosaur hunting game. The Android game was divided into six levels. Progressing through every stage raised the difficulty level. Throughout the course of the game, a player would need to get the better of all the genres of dinosaurs in a jungle setting. As a sniper, a player's mission remains clear -- kill as many dinosaurs as possible. Players of FPS shooter games and survival games would love the thrill that this dinosaur game would bring.
Game Features
The dinosaur hunter game has many features that make it one of the best FPS creature-killing games on the Android marketplace. Here, we list some of the best features that make this game an instant hit among the gaming community.

  • Created high-quality graphics that lent the game a lifelike quality
  • Optimized the gameplay so that it would remain smooth for most of the devices
  • Included different sniper guns in a player's arsenal
  • Ensured that fabulous simulations were rendered even during action-packed sequences
  • Made different stages available to amp up the difficulty and make it a pure skill-based game
  • Incorporated horror shrieking sounds of dinosaurs that added tension to the overall gameplay
Development Process
Before the start of the project, we had Unity in mind owing to the gaming engine's long list of advantages. However, before diving into the development work, we collaborated with our in-house content development teams and designers. This collaboration helped us discuss what is possible in terms of world-building, graphics, etc. Once all those details were taken care of, we followed a strict development process. Here is a brief rundown of our development process.

  • Prepared a detailed wireframe on different project deliverables
  • Assigned a specific completion time for every deliverable
  • Built the scope to add several features during the development processes
  • Tested the game deliverables to preserve our quality standards
  • Finished the production within a pre-defined time frame -- one month

About The Technology

We decided to use Unity for developing this deadly dinosaur hunter FPS game. However, the decision to go with Unity was a conscious one. We have been aware of the Unity gaming engine and its deep capabilities for quite some time. That is why we thought of exploring the nooks and crannies of this gaming engine by initiating this game development project. Here are some of the key benefits that developers reaped once they started building this game on Unity.

  • Using Unity's cross-platform compatibility features by writing the game in C#
  • Extending an incredible level of high-graphics support to offer optimum gaming experience
  • Working with the Unity Editor is simpler and faster
  • Supporting a range of game production tools available on the Unity Asset Store
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