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About The Game
As simulation games deliver a long-form experience that is both terrifying and satisfying, our game developers decided to build a sim game. The team had toyed with the idea of designing an impressive flight simulator game. And finally the time had come to put that idea from the whiteboard into the sandbox. Our simulation game was supposed to put the experience of a flight simulator in the palm of anyone's hands. From breathtaking physics to outstanding aerodynamics, the game was designed to deliver realistic flight experiences. Gamers were able to takeoff, fly, and land the simulated aircraft if they had the skills. Eventually, the team developed a flight simulation experience that was sure to thrill everyone from decorated pilots to novice flyers.
Game Features
We have developed the game, keeping in mind some of the key features that are required in any simulation game. Some important features of our game are mentioned below.

  • Offering a mission mode where levels can be unlocked as gamers hone their skill sets
  • Optimizing that the maps, physics, and flight-control experiences of the game for all Android devices
  • Giving a concrete story to the game -- an island airport bustling with actions
  • Ensuring that the app does not lag or crash during graphics-heavy cutscenes and maps
Development Process
Development Process From the get-go, our team wanted to unlock the power of Unity in the Android game development environment. However, before the development kick-started, our content team -- along with storyboard artists -- prepared a detailed narrative for the game. The narrative was broken down into multiple stages. The missions included saving other players to make the gameplay more interesting. Once the story of the game was locked in, our development team initiated the work.

  • Brainstormed the narrative of the game
  • Prepared wireframes for designing the mobile game
  • Used the Unity game engine to accelerate production
  • Tested the game against a variety of quality parameters

About The Technology

In terms of real-time performance, network capabilities, graphics, and technology, the Unity game engine scores full marks. On top of that, the Unity game engine is easy to use while rendering real-world graphics without consuming too much processing power. Here are the top benefits of using Unity that encouraged us to develop this sim game.

  • Developing a flight sim game with lifelike graphics that will not lag, jitter, etc.
  • Using the assets available in the Unity Asset Store for rendering animations, shades, and textures
  • Unlocking the full potential of the 2D design capabilities delivered by Unity
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