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About The Game
Our team of game developers embarked on this ambitious project to help realize its deep desire to build a train simulation game. The result? A robust yet fun train simulator 3D game was built where the player becomes a train driver. We developed the game with the help of the Unity 3D engine, and we wanted this asset to run on the Android platform. The responsibility of the driver would require dropping the passengers from one station to another and helping them avoid crossing trains. Besides, as a train driver, the gamer would have to follow all the signers and would need to stop whenever there was a red light. Last, the train speed has to be maintained from time to time throughout the game. Failing to do that would result in losing the game. All in all, the game is ideal for someone who has a strong railway hobby.
Game Features
The game was best suited for train enthusiasts who wanted to explore authentic railway routes. Here are some of the key features that made this mobile game a red-hot property.

  • Ensuring that the train-driving simulation is not choppy or buggy
  • Having the most reliable physics and powerful controls
  • Optimizing the gameplay so that it is realistic and smooth
  • Lifting the engagement levels by providing multiple trains and levels
  • Being a 64-bit enabled game means it would load faster and have improved security
Development Process
From the get-go, our game developers wanted to build train simulation gameplay that had a definite narrative. Owing to that, we commissioned the services of our in-house content developers and storyboard artists. Once the narrative of the gameplay was locked, our development team kicked into high gear. Here are some key stages of the development process we followed to build this game.

  • Prepared a wireframe of the key project deliverables
  • Assigned specific timeslots to complete every deliverable
  • Created a gripping narrative for every game mission
  • Used Unity 3D to design game assets from scratch
  • Ensured that every deliverable was tested against different quality parameters

About The Technology

We finished the game project within one month. The reason for the accelerated development pace was none other than our team’s choice to go with Unity 3D. This gaming engine has gained significant traction in the recent past. And we used this specific gaming engine because of the following factors.

  • Aimed to capitalize on the engine compatibility with multiple platforms
  • Watched online tutorials and tapped into the robust community support
  • Used a vast library of production assets that speeded up the development time
  • Unlocked a variety of 3D game development features at an incredible speed
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