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Why is a custom website better than a template-based site?
admin 16 Jul 2015

A custom web design helps in creating bespoke websites. A custom web design is a process where websites are created, keeping in mind the specific requirements of users and their respective businesses. Many sites on the net, nowadays, are created using template themes. It is not a bad thing, but when you think of a business website, custom web design comes to your mind. Let us compare custom websites with their template-based counterparts, now.

Custom websites versus template-based websites…and the winner is…

Now, many businesses are often attracted toward free options such as template-based websites, but they will not yield any results. If you just want to have a website for the heck of it, then generic website templates are the best choice. But, as many thoughtful business owners, if you wish to tap into the real power of the web for selling your products/services, then you should go for custom web development India. Let us see some benefits associated with customized web designing.

The benefits of custom web designing

  • Your custom site is SEO friendly

A custom website is search engine friendly, i.e., it can generate online business if some SEO factors are taken care of. Further, by having a custom site, you will be able to have a longer presence over the web. And the longer you remain present on the Internet, the more the people will link to your site. And if a website has more links, it will climb upward on a search engine.

  • Customized websites can be a powerful digital marketing tool

A custom site is apt for doing online marketing. A custom design enables marketers to apply several time-honored e-marketing techniques on the website. Such type of sites will get more business through the web when compared with generic template-based websites.

  • Make a sophisticated and unique website

Your business website is the face your business on the Internet. Now, you want the business site to be easy on the eyes. And for that reason, you require having a customized site. If your custom website is built successfully, then it will be able to translate your business’s brand promotion strategy easily. You can give your custom website a tinge of sophistication, depending on your requirements.

With all these and many other merits, custom websites make the best option for letting your business have an effective, stylish online identity.

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