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Why India leading edge in procuring offshore software development projects?

Today, it is usual to understand the flow of IT works from the US and other developed countries to t...
Published: 22 Jul 2014
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Home Blog Why India leading edge in procuring offshore software development projects?

Today, it is usual to understand the flow of IT works from the US and other developed countries to the countries where factors such as political stability, lower costs and tax savings are prevalent. All this happens only because of developed countries’ hunger and inclination towards reducing costs or labor arbitrage and improvement in corporate profitability that ultimately lead to lower investment and higher returns in the least amount of time.

It is quite clear that offshoring is a practice of contracting out specific jobs to a different country by a native country or hiring an external organization to accomplish some business functions in a foreign country. For the last two decades, offshoring has been closely related to the outsourcing of technical support and service jobs. This ongoing trend has turned India as the greatest technical hub for offshore software development activities. Offshore means any country other than your own. That is why developed countries avidly look at India as the best destination for the successful execution, completion and delivery of their software development projects.

When it comes to knowing why offshore software development business is flourishing in India, mentioned-below reasons matter the most. These include:

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- Repleted Indian human resources.
- Cost efficiency of IT outsourcing in India.
- Standard quality commitment from IT outsourcing firms.
- The reliable communication facilities and IT infrastructure.
- Availability of technologically advanced outsourcing firms.
- Upward surging Indian economy.
- Political stability facilitating IT growth.
- Corporate-friendly services from the Indian government.

Generally, software development services delivered by Indian IT companies include custom software development, ASP.NET development, PHP development, SharePoint development, product development, migration and porting, quality analysis and software testing. With the services and solutions of a professional and experienced offshore software development company in India, outsourcers or developed countries can expect:

- Influential IT solutions from vast expertise.
- Benchmarked software solutions delivered by the skilled workforce.
- State of the art IT infrastructure.
- Intellectual property security.
- Smooth project management and delivery.

Although reduced production tariffs and operating costs are the main reason behind the flocking of overseas investors in India, yet quality solution has been a crucial factor that makes India first choice of all who want to invest less and get more in the least amount of time. Hence, the new mantra of offshore outsourcing is quality solutions delivered from India.

When IT processes are contracted out to India, companies become in a good position from where they not only get the advantage of low cost but also experience an amalgam of productivity and quality. On the basis of these reasons, it is easy to predict that India has a leading edge in sweeping a major chunk of offshore software development projects in the global IT industry.


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