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Why Enterprise Mobility Is in Demand for Businesses in This Digital Age?

  Every business, starting from SMEs to big enterprises, needs to tap into the power of being m...
Published: 04 May 2016
Category: Mobile App Development
Home Blog Why Enterprise Mobility Is in Demand for Businesses in This Digital Age?


Every business, starting from SMEs to big enterprises, needs to tap into the power of being mobile; and none other than apps can make an enterprise mobile. Apps can be used by an enterprise for a variety of reasons—loyalty programs, brand awareness, and the like.

Because of their high reliance on mobile devices, the consumers, now, feverishly want everything to be served on their devices. And for that purpose, more and more businesses need to have their own application programs.

These apps enable businesses to gain an edge over their competitors; plus, a dedicated mobile application can add to a business’s credibility in the eyes of its consumers. So these are just a few reasons why a business needs a mobile application; mentioned below are some other detailed reasons.

The power of m-commerce

The world has doubtlessly gone mobile, and there is no turning back. Consumers are consistently using their mobile phones and other smart devices to find the best local businesses. All the online branding efforts, in which a business engages, are viewed by consumers through online channels.

For that purpose, having only a business website is not sufficient; rather the companies need to rely on a range of mobile apps. A traditional business website will only overwhelm the six-inch mobile screen; however, an app is admired as a tool for making intuitive purchasing and browsing simpler and quicker than ever.

Mobility makes marketing agile

With a mobile app, any business customer can access commercial content anywhere any-time within a user-friendly background. Regular use of a business app will reinforce (in a positive way) a company’s brand image.

With a business app, every business—implicitly or explicitly—places itself in the consumer’s palms. Whether it is news or it is a promotional offer, a business app is the right marketing tool to let a business initiate its marketing effort 24 × 7. This is one of the strongest reasons why companies are making a beeline for different mobile application development services.

Mobile drives social media

Today’s people are simply obsessed with social media; they are online; and they are opinionating every day, every hour, and even every second. And many companies, it seems, are leveraging this obsession for their own benefit.

People, today, spend countless moments of their day on social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And what fun would it be for a business to let its consumers and prospects provide, through its app, a way not only to buy but also to engage in social media. With the aid of social media, a user will be able to:

  • Provide feedback about products or services
  • Discuss about products

With mobile apps, a business can engineer the way social interaction of tomorrow is supposed to take place. A fine example of an app allowing (and carrying) high-quality social interaction through social media is of Amazon—the application’s review area carries top-class, informative user-generated content and is a self-sustaining online community.

Real-time data is a great reality

A mobile application allows companies to capture real-time data through consumer reviews and discussions. Because of that, the companies are saved from a lot of efforts of capturing data and analyzing it; these processes are even very slow and costly, so such real-time data capturing techniques are useful.

Such pieces of information—such as customer preferences and feedback—enable a business in tailoring personalized content for customers. Further, these informative fragments can even transform the way an app functions; it is generally done to improve user experience and retention rate, too.

Serve better to the millennial and the gen Z

It is always better to keep the younger people in good humor as they only make or break the opinions today; so it is strategic if a business can target such audiences. Close to 75 percent of the millennial have a mobile today, for this reason, it is better for a business to have cutting-edge mobile applications that can appeal these younger audiences.

Furthermore, the younger generation places additional orders; so, again, it becomes better for businesses to design trendy-looking apps that can leave this section of the audiences completely mesmerized.

The better the customer’s interest, the better the business

With a business application, it becomes simpler and quicker for a business to display its products. This offering can be easily viewed by both prospective and existing consumers. This app can be their one-stop shop to view all the solutions that are provided by the business.

Further, the apps are relatively easy to update (when compared with a traditional website); so they become an ideal platform when it comes floating new content or introducing fresh offerings. Because whenever an app will get updated, it will send notifications to all the consumers/prospects.

Customer engagement improves

By building a powerful social media channel, the business will urge its customers and even prospects to engage well. With an app, the business has made itself accessible for the customers—whether they are sitting at a doctor’s clinic or they are stuck in a jam.

Additionally, it is always advisable that a business keeps on improving its app so that the users get a fresh look every once in a while. (The design of an app can play a significant role in improving the levels of customer engagement; that is because none wants to be on an app that carries an outdated or an old look.)

Relevant app data makes better decision

With an app comes the ability to make better decisions because all the data sets (which are derived from the app) are sitting neatly in the virtual databases. These data sets can be used for countless activities—among them, the most important one is making correct decisions at the most opportune times.

Every enterprise app will let the decision-makers access key information at a time when it is needed the most. And because of that, the most accurate business decisions are made quickly. (These decisions are generally related to sales, marketing, finance, and operations.)

Because of all these reasons, more and more businesses are relying on different app building solutions including Android, Windows, and iPhone app development. These apps, in short, enable companies to bring their own story (and offerings) to a customer’s pocket. So that is why an app is so necessary for businesses today so that they can lead the way tomorrow and the day after.


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