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Why ASP.Net relish over other technologies for a visually stunning user experience?
admin 27 Aug 2014

Microsoft ASP.NET has consolidated its strong hold on the web development market. This Microsoft platform is one of the best frameworks for the creation of dynamic, rich and interactive web apps. The platform is the best suited for the development of sophisticated application development and perfectly link employees, customers and businesses all together. Through a strong network, the framework builds up a strong network and enables improved business monitoring. In terms of web security, ASP.NET outshine other frameworks.

Interestingly, the framework has been structured in a way that it develops apps having less number of bugs. That is why it allows you to build a variety of web solutions that build a visually stunning user experience. The solutions include:

- Web based applications.
- Business and corporate websites.
- Social networking websites.
- Custom Content Management System.
- Custom Customer Relationship Management.

Candidly, .Net Framework is a platform or development environment to seamlessly create web-applications that are accessible through client machines from across the globe. When it comes to the business segment, delivers perfect solutions for controlling organizational activities, managing data and information, using information from several services, gaining access to business mails, and managing internal and external communication in a successful manner. Web programmers can easily discover the future of development by building apps on the Microsoft platform.

Why ASP.Net over other technologies?

There is no dearth of modern and updated technologies available today. Despite that ASP.Net still has some advantages over other technologies. Mentioned-below is a list of features that make the framework ideally suitable for making websites, web apps and web services. It includes:

- Less coding for building large and complex applications.
- Just-in-time compilation and smart caching technologies.
- Supports varied languages.
- Cross platform migration ability.
- Simple and easy to perform common tasks.
- Vast class library.
- Highly reliable and secure.
- Regularly updated by Microsoft.

Now, the major question is ‘Why .net makes a real difference?’

The simple answer to the question is that it is not limited to script languages and lets you build very compelling apps the best Microsoft development tools. Moreover, it is purely a server-side technology. That is why websites like,, and MSN have been developed using the same platform. makes a real difference as solves it various purposes simultaneously. Moreover, ensures increased performance, supports standard programming languages, adheres to strict coding standards, increases individual as well as production efficiency, supports to form-based user authentication, delivers the ability to configure and develop easily, increases in performance for object and page caching, and offers high scalability and in-built features.

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