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Why a digital marketing strategy must integrate with business objectives?

Every leading digital marketing strategy needs to be SMART—that is Specific, Measurable, Accurate,...
Published: 18 May 2016
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Home Blog Why a digital marketing strategy must integrate with business objectives?

Digital Marketing

Every leading digital marketing strategy needs to be SMART—that is Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Relevant, Timely. A digital marketing strategy must improve a company’s brand image, must aim to outreach its capabilities, and must develop its public profile.

The term “digital marketing” is defined as the way of promoting a company’s services and products by leveraging a range of digital platforms such as emails, search engines, websites, mobile devices, apps, social media, games, blogs, and other lead-generating tools. For making the most of each of these tools, the company will require a holistic digital marketing strategy. However, many businesses lack the support of a digital marketing strategy in today’s age.

Businesses that have aimless digital strategies

To put simply, a business without a well-conceived digital marketing strategy is similar to a road trip without a map. That is, the company will always lack a definite plan, and it will end up squandering lots of resources.

Many business owners have a rich pool of resources—funds, technology, and manpower. However, they lack a definite plan; and that is the key reason of their failures. Last thing a business would want is that its site does not receive any human visitors or leads; rather, it just receives bots and spammers. For this reason, a business has to have a robust digital marketing strategy in place; and this strategy must align well with the business objectives. Many people (especial strategists), sadly, view the digital strategies individually and independently. Here is where the problem occurs, and we have mentioned some factors that make this problem worse.

Immeasurable digital objectives

If the digital marketing strategy includes unclear, immeasurable objectives, the business will be able to reach nowhere. And when the digital marketing strategy does not have a measurable objective, the business website will never be able to perform well.

Uninformed about digital competition

A business should be aware of its digital competition. However, as always, many businesses only take into account their real-world competition; that is, they do not pay heed to all the competition that they have in the digital landscape.

An expensive endeavor

Building a website and updating it every now and then are challenging both functionally and economically. Because of that, many companies just drop the idea of maintaining websites and, rather, have a site and a digital marketing strategy just for the heck of it.

Thinking but not implementing

Most business owners spend countless hours woolgathering about their capabilities and about what all they hope to achieve in the digital realm. However, they do not implement anything; and that is basically because these business people lack a definite strategy for doing the needful.

Apart from these failures, the company, if lacking a digital strategy, will always experience low returns on investment.

When the digital meets the commercial

The digital and the commercial need to sit well with each other, period! The digital marketing strategy must be designed keeping in mind the business objectives. It is known by several names—a digital plan, a digital business charter, or a digital marketing model—and it does not have to be a 50-page doc; rather, many companies have prepared a digital marketing plan that can fit in two or three pages.

What all does a digital marketing plan must have?

Every leading digital marketing company offers its expertise to businesses that are struggling from preparing a digital marketing plan. However, before letting the digital marketing partner prepare a strategy, the company must be able to furnish information related to mission, vision, objectives, value proposition, core values, and short- and long-term goals.

Once these pieces of information have been gathered, the digital marketing team will sit with the firm’s leadership to carry out the following tasks:

  • Reviewing the business plan and spending time with the business model
  • Conducting an in-depth marketing research report
  • Analyzing the firm’s digital presence today; this is basically done following the business site’s content, SEO, and social media

These tasks are tedious to execute if the company lacks quality assistance that comes from a reliable digital marketing company. After all these tasks are successfully finished, the company along with its hired team of digital marketers will leave no stone unturned to craft a digital marketing strategy; this plan or strategy will reimagine and reposition the company’s brand presence in today’s digital landscape.

What all a business can accomplish when its digital marketing strategy complies with its overall commercial objectives?

Transform the traffic into sales

If a company receives massive traffic but cannot make headway in converting it into sales, it is lacking a proper digital marketing strategy. A well-defined digital marketing approach enables the company to consistently update its site and other social media accounts so that it can win the trust of the visitors and, thus, can transform them into business.

Improve the brand presence

Whenever a company is able to enjoy high traffic and excellent leads, its brand presence will improve. However, if a business has an admirable visitors-to-customers conversion ratio, it will be better for the company to design a digital marketing strategy for improving its brand presence. A digital marketing firm with the correct expertise and the right experience can easily strategize to change a firm’s brand image for the better.

Optimize the business approach

With a well-prepared digital marketing strategy by its side, a business will be able to have an optimized approach to carry out its operations excellently within the digital landscape. And once the company’s workforce has become conversant with the digital marketing strategy, it will be able to perform better. If, however, a company’s workforce is resistant to change, then it is advisable that it must include proper training sessions (which will make its manpower to be aware of social media, email marketing, etc.).

So the herculean task of aligning a company’s digital marketing strategy with its business goals is possible to accomplish once the leadership has the support of a reliable name. Every credible digital marketing company will offer PPC and SEO services in India and in other parts of the world. Which is why, it is better to get such a SEO company in India on board without ado if the business is really finding it hard to prepare a workable digital marketing strategy.


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