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Who Can Be a Reliable Cloud Consulting Partner for Start-ups?

Cloud architecture is demanded by every business as it is the most sought-after corporate resource. ...
Published: 31 Aug 2016
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Home Blog Who Can Be a Reliable Cloud Consulting Partner for Start-ups?

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Cloud architecture is demanded by every business as it is the most sought-after corporate resource. However, it is particularly challenging for start-ups because they face capital crunch because of the spiraling cost of skilled labors.

Which is why, the decision of investing in a complete Cloud architecture can cost newly found companies a lot. And some businesses are really adamant about their need to go to the Cloud without spending a large share of their funds — this adamancy may result in hiring a Cloud migrating partner that is inexperienced to understand and unleash the true worth of this architecture.

And that, further, will result in poorly implemented migration. So it is clear that start-ups require an expert Cloud consulting services partner offering tailored solutions needed by start-ups. Below are some factors defining the importance of having an experienced Cloud consulting partner.

Updating as per the growing complexity of Cloud solutions is necessary

Many IT professionals say that the key reason why more Cloud migration jobs are poorly executed is a Cloud partner’s lack of understanding of the compliance and security issues. Such Cloud partners do not factor in the planning and background work before a migration.

For this reason, many Cloud providers periodically upgrade their offerings for adding newer options to meet the growing demands of today’s enterprises. That is why every Cloud consulting provider must understand all the nuances of this infrastructure.

Tailored solutions mean everything

These days, different Cloud solutions dominate the market, and each one has its own merits and demerits. For example, some of such solutions may be convenient to use; while a few may be scalable.

Based on such factors, it is a must to design an optimized, sustainable solution fitting an individual Cloud migration strategy that is unique to every business. And such uniqueness in a Cloud migration strategy will only be brought by a competent cloud consulting service provider.

Exposure to real-world issues

Thanks to constant innovation and research, the most reliable Cloud partners will evolve to introduce new implementation methods. They have precious experience in tackling unique sets of problems and situations brought by clients.

As they are experienced, they introduce fresh Cloud implementation strategies that are scalable. Some of the most trusted consulting partners will even design migration strategies based on the clients’ requirements.

Communicating with the in-house IT team is a must

The Cloud migration process will always depend on the nature and size of a busnies’s IT environment. Depending on the size and the nature of the environment, the migration process can take from a couple of days to several weeks. Which is why, every leading Cloud consulting service provider will consult with the in-house IT team about its routine operations.

By having such a communication channel, it ensures how a migration strategy can prove to be harmful for some of the IT operations. No management team will ever implement the Cloud migration work if its routine, critical IT operations are getting affected.

For this reason, designing and implementing a tailored Cloud solution is an art whose implementation depends on the expertise and experience of a Cloud consulting partner. A dependable partner will always understand the Cloud infrastructure along with the client’s business to make the journey to the Cloud seamless.


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