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Home Blog What Do You Know About Internet Marketing? Part-2
What Do You Know About Internet Marketing? Part-2
admin 29 Mar 2010

In my last post I had emphasized about the need to have a better understanding of the way the search engines operate. It is really important to know that the search engines do not have a carnal existence in flesh and blood. Although the people behind the search engine algorithms are the ones that are real humans, yet the tools and instruments that are at their disposal only have a limited reach and scope. They can be very comprehensive as far as the covering of all the aspects of the searches being done on the engines are concerned, yet they still can’t do the job or replace a human mind himself scanning the whole gamut of posts that are posted on almost all the topics under the sun. Thus the true blue internet marketer has to realize that what he is promoting is not going to be scanned or checked by the human mind but by an entity that is designed by the human mind which is not at all capable enough of replacing the finest machinery in operation on this planet-The Human Mind.

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