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What Do You Know About Internet Marketing? Part-1

Well the question is very much evident as I am sure the answer would be. It is really surprising tha...
Home Blog What Do You Know About Internet Marketing? Part-1
AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Mar 25 2010

Well the question is very much evident as I am sure the answer would be. It is really surprising that with so many people across the globe masquerading as internet marketers, not many really know what the whole endeavor is about. If you believe on their prophecy then it is something like:

  • If it is search engines under the scanner, then a good Search Engine Optimization would do the trick or a great PPC campaign would sufficiently answer the questions and do wonders to the client’s website
  • If you are talking about the social media optimization then it is better to have an understanding about the social media optimization and the way networks are built on these sites
  • The other ways like video sharing, link building and e-mailing can also be a good try at the internet marketing.

But is that really so?

Well I don’t think so. To begin with if you want to perform a good search engine optimization then there is no other alternate way then having a good understanding of the functioning of the search engines. In fact SEO in not just a good web design and then writing some content and stuffing it with keywords. It is a lot more than that. There is a great emphasis on SEO of a website. Well but what does that exactly mean? It’s not just about promotion through link building, content with keywords as well as other similar things. One needs to understand the fundamentals behind the existence of the search engines. Search engines have a primary agenda of bringing alive on the screen search results that the user wants. The main criterion is that of keywords that the user would be using. On the basis of these keywords, the search engines would display an array of websites arranged in the order of quality. Period. So the whole effort is about the quality that you can produce in the web design and then using keywords judiciously and sagaciously to make sure there is no compromise on the quality of the content and you don’t miss out on the keyword phrases as well. To sum it up-it’s just the promotion of quality using digital marketing SEO strategies without compromising on the quality itself!


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