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Web developers’ explicit pick for first-rate PHP apps – Zend Framework

Implemented in PHP 5 and having a defined support structure, Zend framework is the first choice of w...
Published: 05 Dec 2014
Category: Advanced Web Development,  Enterprise Applications
Home Blog Web developers’ explicit pick for first-rate PHP apps – Zend Framework

Implemented in PHP 5 and having a defined support structure, Zend framework is the first choice of web developers as a software or a web app framework that is a simple, straightforward, object oriented and open-source. With a structured system, the popular PHP framework is the best resource for building rapid web applications, and easily make extended features as it manages source codes. Interestingly, Zend Framework provides rich and flexible MVC components using the object- oriented features of PHP 5.

Zend is a concrete platform for developing software applications using different support programs, compilers, code libraries, an application programming interface (API) and tool sets. It is modular, extensible, high performing, secure and enterprise ready. As PHP, the venerable server-side scripting language, is famous for its use in Web development, web developers see it as an unconditional choice for developing high performing PHP apps. Let’s see what are the reasons behind this inclination

Very extensive Validation component

Zend Framework is a fully object-oriented framework, and employs inheritance and interfaces as OO concepts. All this makes ZF components extendable and allows web developers to implement their individual components without grinding into the ZF code base. This way, ZF allows web developers to create unique functionality for web projects. The nature of ZF allows web developers to use this functionality in other projects as well. ZF components are fully OO PHP 5 and are E_STRICT compliant.

Free and open source framework

ZF is Free and open source PHP platforms and it is widely used globally to develop powerful and more interactive PHP websites. It possesses several beneficial features that make the web development process quick and easy. ZF’s built-in features and tools make it the first choice of web developers. ZF is equipped with amazing features: Multiple databases, PHP5, higher versions support, MVC design, and inbuilt library.

Use-At-Will Architecture

One of the most remarkable things about the Zend Framework is its use-at-will MVC architecture. Being loosely coupled, the architecture allows web developers to choose the needed components without actually using the entire packaged library. With ZF, web developers can integrate individual components with various other PHP frameworks quite easily. It also has loosely coupled components and minimal interdependencies.

Easy to learn and maintain

Being easy to maintain, the ZF is considered as the best PHP framework. With it, web developers can easily maintain web applications and predict other proprietary applications. ZF is a flexible caching sub-system with support for many types of backend processes. It is also useful for email composition, delivery, and retrieval. With the availability of excellent online documentation and up-to-date online resources, ZF is easy to learn. In addition, it is the most accessible Web programming languages available. Keep in mind that the language is evolving continuously.

Before availing the services of web development company, make sure you choose the company that is comfortable with developing PHP apps with ZF and allows you to take full advantage of ZF inbuilt features.


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