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Home Blog Web developers are the new Gods. Is it really so?
Web developers are the new Gods. Is it really so?
admin 10 Mar 2010

Well to some extent the above question can be answered in affirmation. Internet is the new religion that has been created by some of the finest brains in the world. In the initial stages it had a restricted number of followers. It had a limited domain of operations as well as a limited scope. But now! Well the things are completely different. Businessmen, politicians, actors, musicians, and almost everybody who ever wanted to wield his mace of power, intelligence, creativity as well as any other thing that could help him in gaining some importance among the masses have now become the stringent followers of this religion. But what exactly does this religion entails for us or for every body who pays the temple a visit every now and then. Well to be frank the people who visit this temple are only going to see a sea or rather a bottomless and ever expanding universe of websites. But where did these websites come from. Well, they are the handiwork and mind work of some of the most intelligent and God gifted people on this planet. These people are the web developers.

web development is the name of the offerings offered to the worshipers of this religion. The people who offer web development solutions to the willing customers and clients are the ones who have made this invisible or rather subtle yet overt universe filled with colors, images, majestic shapes and sizes, and not to forget have handed over the power to the worshipers to communicate with each other, no matter from which part of this world they are offering prayers from. The minds of the professionals that offer web development solutions are the ones that are to be worshiped, for they have created something that can kill almost any malaise threatening us. You want medicine, just log in and visit the site of any online pharmacy. You want entertainment well there are plenty of sites that offer myriad of solutions. You want any advice well its there on the net in number of websites. All that you want now is to leave a signature of yourself on this universe.

There is another great and benevolent side of these Gods; they allow you to talk directly to them and present your concerns. So now is the time to get in touch with the God almighty. contact us.

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