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Web Design Trends That Unfold With 2015
admin 04 May 2015

The web development space is expected to grow as technology transforms—browsers functioning urbanely and mobile technology pervading slowly every nook and cranny of the world. Each and every leading Web development company will have a finger on the pulse on the web market and will know these trends. Let’s read key web designing trends that have already or are yet to emerge in 2015.

Web Design

Ambient background video

With the demise of Flash, more and more web designers avoided embedding videos on their sites. However, with the advent of HTML5, things have changed for the better. With H.264 format and HTML5

Longer scrolling websites

It’s hard to ignore that many leading brand sites have a longer scrolling length. As mobiles become commonplace, this trend is spreading like wildfire. With these websites, scrolling has become less hassled as site visitors don’t have to grapple with multiple links. Plus, this trend has become popular not only for homepages but also for other webpages.

Test actual usability of a site

The primary rule for any business to become a hit: know your users and make them feel happy with whatever you’re offering. Nevertheless, in web designing, gauging user experience is reserved for complex sites having long timelines. The insights a webmaster can get from analyzing the way users interact with a site or an embedded app can be helpful for creating a positive customer experience. And, now, there’s good news: The services and tools for testing user experience on a site have become less expensive.

With such progresses in mobile technology, these and many other trends are expected to evolve in the coming time.

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