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Web Conferencing Solutions To Help Businesses Sustain Growth During COVID-19 Pandemic

Even though we are physically isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need not be out of communica...
Published: 11 Jun 2020
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Home Blog Web Conferencing Solutions To Help Businesses Sustain Growth During COVID-19 Pandemic

Video Confrencing

Even though we are physically isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need not be out of communication or meetings for business continuity, thanks to the development in technologies enabling online virtual meetings. That’s the reason; organizations are looking for meeting apps that can help in business continuity in unfavorable conditions. The apps allow for better work-life balance, and also help boost the productivity of the employees’ as their workplace communizing time can be utilized in the business productivity activities.

Te virtualization of meetings has become the new normal in the current COVID-19 driven situation that facilitates efficient collaboration among employees, trainers, trainees and clients. Web conferencing app allows the people to organize meetings and discuss important business issues in real-time, without going to an office or meeting venue. As opposed to face-to-face teams, there is a greater degree of shared leadership among the virtual teams. Most often, the team members are experts that add an equal amount of value to the team efforts. Shared leadership means someone can have more say than others for different aspects of a task, and at different times during project execution.

Increasing flexibility and quality of business communication

In today’s COVID-19 driven business continuity environment, it has become all the more important for the team managers to organize online meetings with the team members who are working from home to minimize the chances of viral infections. Online sessions increase both flexibility and quality of business communication correlating to an opportunity at hand. Moreover, you can also assemble your teams irrespective of the distance or different time zones they are employed in. You can make the meeting more interactive with features such as screen share and video calls.

An online meeting app can offer enterprise-grade HD video conferencing facility with real-time in-app messaging and content sharing. Teachers and students can also have online meetings on any device that provide the users unparalleled functionality across the corporate world, academics, IT, on-field staff, and others. The students and meeting participants can also take notes during the live meeting or classroom session.

Some advance features of the virtual meeting apps include:

Virtual hand-raising: The participants can raise a virtual hand to capture the attention of the presenter, or in response to the question asked by the presenter.

Polls and Q&A: You can conduct online polls and use questions and answers sessions to open the floor and spark meaningful conversations among the meeting participants. The outcomes of the polls can be viewed in real-time on the app’s screen.

Meeting management: One can efficiently manage the meeting participants by muting or unmuting them as and when needed.

Cross-platform chat: The participants can chat with other attendees on other platforms through a typed message or voice chat.

Record meeting: Maintain a clean record of what occurred during the meeting. The minutes of the meeting can be recorded locally or in the cloud.  Any discrepancies in communication and meeting outcomes can be easily verified.

Track engagement with attention indicator: The host can see an indicator in the participant panel if an attendee has moved away from an active window for more than a set amount of time, say one minute. This way, inattentive participants can be easily identified.

Control and management: The admin has full control over the meeting including muting the participants, removing them from the web meeting, or locking a meeting.

Conference rooms allow the meeting participants share the screen to multiple devices, and show different data and visuals to an ongoing meeting. Conference is a dedicated service for corporate offices as only they can leverage its true potential.


Application program interfaces (APIs) allow the users to access their systems and work efficiently from remote locations for business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. APIs facilitate a seamless communication process among the systems and as well as members of different teams in your organization.

A range of technologies is used for virtual office meetings, such as:

Telepresence: It provides an immersive video conferencing experience where all attendees, no matter which region they are located, feel as if they have an in-person presence.

Desktop video conferencing: The attendees can participate with their laptop or desktop. These devices have necessary components built-in, such as a camera and microphone that make it easier to organize a virtual office meeting.

Room based video conferencing: The video camera and screens are on the wall, while the microphone and speakers are on the table. You are able to successfully run your meetings and connect with colleagues no matter where they are.

New technologies used in web conferencing

Smart virtual personal assistants (SVPAs) and artificial intelligence (AI) bots have also emerged to automate a variety of tasks and improve workplace collaboration. The enhancements in apps have brought in several add-on powers to the web conferencing solution.

It is important to hire the right team of developers for your online meeting application. If you do not pay attention to this, you may not be able to get the application that can give you an unexpected level of success. If you are already on board with your plan for the app development, we can help you with more options and also provide to you the same at a highly competitive and cost-effective price.

Turning face time into collaboration time

A good virtual meeting app should allow you to turn the face time into collaboration time, with features such as annotation, white boarding and screen sharing. These features will be of great help in making your multi-local workforces to be as productive as they would while working in-premises.

Our developers possess the expertise and skills to develop a conferencing app with flexibility options to enhance the hosting experience of the participants. Every call and chat will be encrypted to maintain the highest level of security and safety of customer data. Video conferencing apps are different from the regular VoIP calls due to their increased demand for space and bandwidth, and hence need a different set of skills of the developers.

Partner with Flexsin for your web conferencing needs

Upon the evaluation of your needs, Flexsin will structure a team consisting of UI/UX designers, business analysts, backend developers, project managers and other members as per the requirements of your project. With over a decade of experience as a software development company, Flexsin Technologies can provide you with end-to-end solutions for video conferencing and online meeting apps development. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support services to the clients. In case some issue is brought up to our notice, the same goes through quick-fixation to ensure the long-term viability of the application.

You can also offer your customized app to your clients instead of using the third-party apps like Zoom, Skype, Ring Central, Cisco Webex etc. as the app will have the specific customized features that these off-the-shelf apps may be lacking. Moreover, you can create additional levels of security and functionalities in the app to ensure that all your company data is stored safely with privileged access to its content.

Besides the app development, Flexsin can also provide you ancillary services including content writing, digital marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization services for to SERP rankings of your business.


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