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Top Strategies to Optimize A PPC Landing Page for Accelerating Conversions

  Five seconds are there for a Pay-Per-Click landing page to make an impact in front of its vis...
Published: 28 Jul 2017
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog Top Strategies to Optimize A PPC Landing Page for Accelerating Conversions


Five seconds are there for a Pay-Per-Click landing page to make an impact in front of its visitors. The landing page must have well-crafted information and an appealing design to change visitors into customers. Even the most experienced marketers face optimization roadblocks while working on a PPC landing page. So here are the strategies that boost conversion ratios and make visitors take an action.

Optimizing The Ads

A large share of traffic comes to a landing page through PPC ads. So the real deal is to optimize those ads first. If the ads are relevant, creative, and short, they will send heavy traffic to a landing page. Only one ad per landing page will let a business analyze how each one affects the conversion rate. If, however, there are multiple ads redirecting to a landing page, then a business will not be able to pick the one that improves the conversion rate the most.

Pre-Populating The Cursors

This strategy works well for all those landing pages having forms that customers have to fill. A pre-populate cursor will be programmed to blink on the first field of the form whenever the page gets loaded. By implementing this strategy, a page’s friction levels will be reduced and its conversion rate will be improved.

Testimonials That Build Trust

Positioning testimonials on a landing page is yet another tactic that improves the conversion rate. If the landing page is about building brand trust, then this strategy works well. However, a testimonial should not be included on a landing page’s header section; rather, client testimonials should be positioned on the page’s sidebar.

Attractive Headlines That Convert

Every leading PPC Services Company trusts this strategy where the emphasis is on the way a headline is written. A landing page’s headline is the first thing that catches a visitor’s attention, so it has to be attractive, informative, and relevant. Also, the headline should be in line with the content of not only the landing page but also the PPC ads.

Result-Driven Call-To-Actions

The most common mistake found on every other landing page is to make visitors take a lot of actions at one point in time. A landing page should be very clear in its approach. If a page tells its visitors to take multiple actions, then they will get confused and bounce quickly. Which is why, a good landing page should drive a single action that is easy and quick to take.

Analyze Color Schemes

A well-analyzed and properly executed color schemes can have a positive impact on a landing page’s conversion rate. However, the focus need not be on the color scheme from beginning to end, but a slight change will do the trick. Research says that a landing page having a light-blue shade can boost the response rate by nearly 141 percent.

An Image Of Excellence

If a landing page does not have any images on it, then it is time to upload some. The images, however, should sit well with the copy of the page and the ad. For instance, if a business is offering a 20-day free trial of its SaaS platform, then it will be relevant to place the product’s image on the page.

These were the top-performing strategies that can transform any suboptimal landing page into one that takes conversion to a whole new level. A business having a landing page that converts poorly should either implement these strategies by itself or hire a digital marketing India company offering value-driven PPC services. A trusted PPC service provider offers innovative, custom, scalable strategies to speed up a landing page’s conversion ratio and deliver excellent results.


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