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Top Digital Marketing Trends That Transform The Way Businesses Grow

The world is evolving along with technology. Right now, everything from health, entertainment, and r...
Published: 30 Nov 2018
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digital marketing servicesThe world is evolving along with technology. Right now, everything from health, entertainment, and real estate to banking and currencies is moving to digital ecosystems that are safer and faster than traditional ones. This trend in technology is completely legit because of several reasons. Let us take a deep dive into analyzing these reasons.

The Facts That Matter The Most

As a matter of fact, 89 percent of North Americans are online as of August 2018.

As consumers are going digital, businesses are embracing online marketing. These days, marketing a business does not just mean putting an ad on a television or print media. Instead, it means giving value on social media. (A fun fact: As of October 2018, nearly 3.3 billion people are using social media.)

According to January 2018, nearly 24 percent of 5,700 international marketers revealed that they see social media as a big consumer hub. Which is why, they spend a lot of dollars and efforts on making this new medium an important part of their strategy.

Now, it is safe to imagine the powerful reach a business will have if it starts marketing online. That brings us to the top trends that will change the way a business embraces digital marketing.

The Trends That Revolutionize Digital Marketing Forever

Interactive Chatbots

Chatbots have been in business for quite some time, now. Combining the use of voice, messaging, and text, this technology converses with consumers and has been used much before virtual reality. But, this year, it is rightfully taking the spotlight.

As per a report released by Grand View Research, the global chatbot landscape is expected to experience a compound yearly growth rate of close to 24.3 percent starting from 2017; it is even projected to touch the $1.25 billion mark by 2025.

Recently, a leading American technology company surveyed 5,000 consumers located in six countries. As per the survey, more than 67 percent of the surveyed population used chatbots for accessing customer support.

Different messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger use sophisticated messenger bots that are designed to push out services and products. This way, such an application can not only promote different brands but also offer its users highly personalized customer service.

The key reason behind this technology’s high success rate is simple: It answers consumers’ questions as quickly and accurately as possible. Chatbots are engineered to collect data about all their users; this data is, then, fed into enhancing the quality of interactions between users and chatbots.

Every leading digital marketing services provider is using the power of chatbots in improving its clients’ engagement rate on social channels such as Facebook.

In short, this tech definitely offers businesses a more responsive and efficient way of dealing with their clients.

Voice Search

More and more netizens are on the go these days. That is why the use of voice commands and voice search is skyrocketing. Bringing more power to voice search is the fact that companies, today, are rolling out their dedicated voice assistants.

Long story short, voice assistants are enabling mobile users to access high-quality information online. With the help of these assistants, web users can perform certain everyday tasks like never before. A case in point: In 2018, voice assistants’ use in the US alone has grown by 128.9 percent when compared with what was happening in 2017. The same research points out that roughly 35.6 million people in the US use this tech at least once every month.

While the growth of voice search is definitely positive, it will always be a big challenge for companies to use this tech online. Unlike the conventional online searches, voice search will give the spot to only the topmost answers or content.

What does all this actually mean for digital marketers, then? Well, it means they will need to optimize the content to suit the demanding needs of voice searches. For example, due to voice search’s rise, more and more digital marketing companies use keywords that are long sentences or complete phrases.

Plus, content strategies are getting changed because of this specific trend. For instance, today, people prefer going through a piece of content that is written in plain, conversational English. This way, digital marketers will be able to churn out content that is friendly in terms of voice search.

AI And Blockchain

Blockchain is disrupting the way the world interacts with financial systems and finances. Best of all, this technology’s power is not just limited to these sectors. Today, blockchain has entered the world of digital marketing.

This technology successfully lets its marketers keep track of where their ads are being placed. Also, this technology lets brands know whether a consumer interacting with them is real and not just any other automated bot clicking on their ads and eating their PPC revenue.

This way, blockchain technology successfully lets digital marketers access the most accurate and reliable consumer data. What is more? The consumers can also benefit from the transparent nature of this new breed of blockchain-empowered digital marketing.

Through blockchain, consumers can control how much and which form of data they give an advertiser. All in all, when consumers’ trust increases in the whole blockchain-cum-digital marketing process, the likelihood of them making a purchase also surges.

Right now, there are a couple of digital marketing agencies that will let a business keep tabs on its marketing efforts with the help of blockchain. This way, a business will make sure its digital marketing efforts are going in the right direction.

Being With The Right Digital Marketing Partner

In order to incorporate these latest and greatest trends in its digital marketing strategy, a business will have to make sure it is associated with the right growth partner. Such digital marketers will not only tailor result-driven strategies but also ensure a business steals the show every time it is on the internet.


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