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Top 3 mobile app development trends that is dominating
admin 12 Jun 2015

The use of mobile app development has been growing boundlessly. In 2014, we saw that mobile app market got graduated from tablets and smartphones to Internet of Things and wearable devices.

Now, in 2015, there have been certain trends which have dominated the landscape of mobile application development. Let us go through each of the significant ones.

Hybrid apps take center stage

Hybrid apps have the following three prominent characteristics:

• Powerful functionality
• Admirable features
• Robust platform

That is what HTML5 offers. In the recent past, HTML5 has evolved (for the better) at a lightning speed. In 2015, many developers have shown their affinity toward HTML5 development framework by creating scores of apps on the platform.

By far, the biggest benefit for a hybrid app is—it combines the function of web apps and native apps. Now, the second most important benefit of developing hybrid app is—you get to launch your app (even with limited resources) on multiple platforms.

The war between iOS and Android is all set to go to the next level

Competition breeds innovation: this statement can justify the battle between two powerful OS platforms—Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Both the platforms plan to bring in innovative and powerful apps in the mobile app market. And if grapevine is to be trusted, these apps will aim to enhance the end-user experience.

The concept of mobile payments is more than just a “fad”

In 2014, lots of development took place in the field of mobile payments. However, things have moved forward with the launch of Apple Pay. This release has transformed the way mobile transactions took place. In the wake of Samsung Pay, various mobile apps—Android’s Android Pay and Wal-Mart’s CurrentC—have surfaced to streamline the process of mobile transactions.

With all these trends, expect mobile app development to become more exciting in future.

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