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The Visionaries Are Seeing It Big and Wide-Web3.0

Humans evolved over the past millions of years to their present forms and still their evolution is i...
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AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Mar 20 2010

Humans evolved over the past millions of years to their present forms and still their evolution is incomplete. The evolution is still in the process. The fermentation is still taking place. The churning is still happening. Who knows many among us might already have acquired some of the most precious evolutionary features that actually belong to the men and women coming on this planet after the next million or thousand years. Something similar is happening in the world of internet. A world expanding exponentially and evolving breathtakingly at the same time. It is this world that is taking us humanity by the scruff of our necks and making us do things and go places and see views that we had never envisioned before. The World Wide Web is the name given to this entity. This name is going places and is changing and evolving with every passing moment. The web2.0 was a revelation. But wait for something bigger and explosive-web3.0. Web3.0 is the name of the next evolutionary phase of the World Wide Web.

Although still speculative as the true potential of the web2.0 is yet to be realized which makes the features as well as the functions, power and the reach of web3.0 a bit hazy at the moment. Web2.0 was the name given to the recent evolution of the web in the recent times. Following this web3.0 is the name that is still being hypotheses about, debated upon as well as speculated upon. Internet technologies that are still in the womb of research and development are being given the umbrella term of web3.0. Artificial intelligence that has been the dream of the technical giants and the most motivating challenge in their laboratories is one of the prized possessions of the web3.0. Semantic web, modular web applications, advances in computer graphics, increased internet applications, is all assumed to play a key role in the evolution of the web3.0.

Some of the intrinsic features that are supposed to be a part of this revolution are natural language search, machine learning, artificial intelligent technologies, recommendation agents, data mining, or to put in the simplest of forms-everything that would make the web experience a machine oriented data and information collection, and give the user the most fruitful as well as a discerning user experience.

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