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iPhone Application Development
The success of Iphone Application Development
admin 21 Oct 2011

Iphone that at the time of its release was a sensation for the people who had always been waiting for the arrival of a new and a breathtaking technology. And Apple responded in kind. It launched the Iphone application that was not only a revelation in itself but was a revolutionary invention that was the result of the synergy between some of the finest brains working at Apple. But Apple inc. just did not stop there; they opened the doors for the other developers to further add their own features on the Iphone. They did that by making the SDK of the technology available to the third party developers although with some riders in place.

Some of these riders or restrictions or in a polite form the business deal between the Apple and the third party developers that are given the freedom to work their own way on the SDK of the Iphone was the commission that the developers had to pay to the Apple. To explain it in detail, the developer can use the apple store to sell their applications at any price that is above the minimum set price. And after the deal 70 % of the sale would be given to the developer. But in case if the refund is made to the customer then 70 % would be made by the developer and 30% by the Apple. And apart from that the Apple would also charge 30 % of the cost to the developer. Due to this reason there are some differences between the Apple and the third party developers.

Despite of this reason the Iphone application development in still going strong and will always have a bright future.

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