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The steps to make a great application idea into the greatest live application

Not all great application ideas make it to the app stores because their companies lack well-defined ...
Published: 26 Oct 2016
Category: Mobile App Development
Home Blog The steps to make a great application idea into the greatest live application

Mobile application development

Not all great application ideas make it to the app stores because their companies lack well-defined development and testing strategies. For this reason, the post covers a few steps that seamlessly take a powerful application idea from papers to reality.

Whether it is about streamlining business processes or simplifying customer interactions, every good app can become a business asset. An app can be a true utility if it is powered in a scalable mobile app development environment. However, before going through these steps, it is better to check some facts that are associated to global app industry.

Hard-hitting figures

Here is a list of facts that is compiled to show the revenue streams that a well-designed application can unlock.

  • By 2019, the number of mobile users is likely to touch close to 5.07 billion.
  • Google’s Play Store has nearly 1.6 million Android apps today.
  • Apple’s App Store holds close to 1.5 million apps.

These numbers are expected to soar in the near future, so it is important for every enterprise to develop apps that streamline operations, improve ROIs, and promote business growth. So without ado, here are the steps that make enterprises develop an app that is scalable, immersive, and innovative—these are the only steps that put apps from papers to a user’s smartphone memory.

A creative app development firm that is as unique as a business project

Leading app development firms, having expansive experience and expertise in performing iPhone app development and Android app development, can cater to the most demanding project requirements. Knowing whether the short-listed app developer is experienced and skilled to cater to a business’s app-building requirements is easier said than done, however. Because of this, any business should check an app developer’s complete portfolio. Additionally, a business should analyze how many apps the chosen developer has built successfully. All these exercises will let a business pick an app developer that is apt for its project.

Choosing a feature-rich app over a feature-crammed one

An app should have features that are essential for its functioning; in short, the function of any enterprise app should be very clear to each of its first-time users. While opening an app for the very first time, a user should know its usability easily and quickly. Because of this, it is never a good idea to cram features unnecessarily. Develop an app, whether it faces customers or business employees, so that it has at the most two functions. If done otherwise, the app will become frustratingly difficult to use.

Tested apps are the most trusted

Test an app thoroughly before it is rolled out. Any app development project should never be rushed. Equal time should be allotted to development and testing phases. And if a business and its hired app developer do otherwise, then the launched app may have enough bugs to annoy any prospective end user. Since a business is spending enough resources on an app, it might as well spend some more time and efforts on it so that the launched version has everything right in the first go only.

So when a business does the first thing right, all the other subsequent tasks fall in place. The first thing will be to hire a reliable, experienced app development firm that has the building and testing skill sets required to complete a project.


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