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The Rumble and Tumble in the World of Internet Marketing
admin 30 Jan 2012

One of the major obstacles that came in the field of marketing and advertising was the targeting of the audience in a blindfolded manner. Whether it was the print media or the electronic media that were the main vehicles of promotion for the marketers trying to capture as much attention of the end user as possible were not giving the desired ROI. The advent of internet and the subsequent addendum that followed it like the e-commerce gave a shot in the arm to these people. The virtual world of internet is hierarchical, divided into several echelons where the top rung is occupied by the Search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even the local search engines are ruling the roost and thus the need of the SEO services has become paramount for the profit seeking organizations.

But the next echelon in the wider world of internet marketing is still open to competition. And the activities like the Social media optimization (SMO), the e-mail marketing, and the latest being the development of the mobile phone applications that is very fast challenging the rest of the potpourri are slowly doing what they can do. The leaders in the mobile phone applications is the much advanced iPhone applications that takes care that even the remotest of audience is targeted in an impeccable manner. And with every passing day the advancement in the technologies is putting a great challenge for the search engines to spruce up their act.

But the internet is not something that can be seen with a pigeons eye. Just as affable it is for the end user to find what they want, and just as easy it is for the businesses to advertise on the search engines, it would be prudent too know that internet is nothing less than a new universe that though is abstract and virtual but is so potent and lethal in operations that what echelon would be occupied by what mode of internet Marketing can only be seen by a visionary.

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