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Home Blog The rise of India as a major player in the IT world
The rise of India as a major player in the IT world
admin 01 Oct 2010

Technology is one of the most important tools that is fast changing the ways we as humans are living our lives. It all began in the years of the industrial revolution that also gave the countries in Europe the ascendancy in power and allowed them to exercise their dominion on the rest of the world. One thing that needs to be understood is that the major powers players in the world whose power in the world was at its peak in the years of 18th and the 19th century contributed a lot to the technological development in the colonized world. The next big thing that came and hit the world in its very face was the information technology revolution. Having missed the bus in the years of industrial revolution, the country India was very much keen on not to loose out on the IT bandwagon. So they gave the best education to the people who aspired to learn and as a result India is now one of the foremost powers in the world that can do almost anything under the sun as far as the information technology is concerned. In fact it is now an established fact that India is one name that has now become one of the key players in the domain of IT.

The rise of India as one of the major players in the field of information technology has also benefited the countries of the developed world. India is one country that has the highest number of skilled professionals that can provide the best results in IT and that too at a cost that is less than half the one that is demanded by the professionals in the developed world and other countries. Thus as far as the work related to any of the domains of technology is concerned, it is really helpful that India is there to help. Contact Us

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