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The Reason Why Developers Must Choose only Zend Framework for PHP Development

Being one of the most preferred languages for web development, PHP is responsible for enabling nearl...
Published: 30 Aug 2016
Category: Advanced Web Development
Home Blog The Reason Why Developers Must Choose only Zend Framework for PHP Development

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Being one of the most preferred languages for web development, PHP is responsible for enabling nearly 80 percent of the websites that dot the vast landscape of World Wide Web. The popularity of this general purpose, sever-side scripting language has led to the development of a lot of PHP frameworks.

By offering a structure, the PHP framework must be designed to streamline the development of an array of web applications quickly, effectively, and efficiently. As an ecosystem for web development, a PHP framework is the secret tool allowing developers to get the best applications cost-effectively and within a short time period.

However, one of the toughest decisions that many developers face today is the selection of the framework that will support PHP development. If a business is developing a custom development project, then it must use the popular Zend Framework. This specific framework has already been installed more than 64 million times, and it provides object-oriented code for developing web applications and websites. Now, let us read why many PHP developers prefer using this feature-rich Zend Framework.

Application development is quicker

As Zend uses object-oriented codes only, it enables developers to use the PHP 5 development. The developers can reuse the code with this particular framework. This particular feature ensures that the development team can use interface applications via duplicate codes.

Global implementation

This framework’s components such as ZendTranslate, ZendLocale, ZendCurrency, and ZendDate enable the development team to build apps and websites that are user friendly and globally acceptable. So when a development team uses this framework, it should not worry about the difference in time, currency, or language. This framework, further, streamlines the integration of different functionalities within an application for developers.

The largest set of components

With an evolving array of components, the Zend Framework has become a versatile package. It has a set of libraries that makes tailored PHP development not only possible but simple. One other advantage of this framework is that its components can be loosely coupled so that they serve a project’s needs.

Open-source framework

Zend is an open-source, free-of-cost framework; that is why it has become a cost-friendly option to work on when compared with other PHP frameworks. Every wise PHP development company is using this framework as it requires no registration fee or license.

A wide community and user base

Zend Framework is a large, thriving community of developers. Because of its global community documentation, this framework is vast and popular. And that is why the luring curve for Zend is steep yet easy to navigate.

Easy integration with libraries

The trouble-free integration of Zend’s libraries has allowed its developers to create classes that are specific to the uniqueness of a project. This is one of the common reasons why many developers prefer working on this particular framework.

That is it for now, readers. With this write-up, many businesses have become aware of what all features make Zend Framework one of the best in the businesses to create PHP web applications and sites.


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