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The Perfect Guide to Designing Sellable Landing Pages

A website’s design includes a range of rules, which are carved in stone. However, when it comes to...
Published: 22 Mar 2016
Category: User Experience Design
Home Blog The Perfect Guide to Designing Sellable Landing Pages

Web DesignA website’s design includes a range of rules, which are carved in stone. However, when it comes to designing a company’s landing page, the rules are dynamic; actually, designing landing pages is science where you’ll have to experiment and innovate consistently.

It’s all about making the visitors not only land but also stick on these pages

When a landing page’s design comes into play, it has to be made to convert visitors into customers. The first and the most important point that’s to be kept in mind while designing a page is that the designer will have to find the USP of the products/services that are sold/promoted using it.

Apart from that, the landing page needs to have an enticing Call to Action (CTA) as well. The CTA must be related to either purchasing the products/services or registering somewhere. Whatever the end goal is, it can be accomplished only when the design (of the landing page) is excellent.

The design tips to create high-converting landing pages

Use title case while designing headlines

A study from Conductor showed that close to two-thirds of visitors of the landing pages prefer the first letter of each word of the headline to be capitalized.

Create a copy that’s easy to scan
The content of the landing page is significant; which is why, it must be written so that it’s easy to understand. Avoid using jargon and complex, verbose sentences that visitors can’t comprehend easily. And please evade writing content in paragraphs; rather it’s better to write it in points.

Incorporate real photos

Avoid using stock images in landing pages because they don’t leave a lasting impression on the visitors. Rather, it’s better to use real images so that everything—right from the images to the products/services—is authentic.

Additionally, incorporating principles of web development into the design process can enhance the functionality and performance of landing pages, ensuring a seamless user experience and maximizing conversion rates. Every leading website design company vouches for these points when it comes to designing first-rate landing pages.


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