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The next-generation cloud computing solutions with customized features for business growth

More and more businesses are moving to the cloud, and so cloud computing solutions have gained momen...
Anurag Dutt
Published: 26 May 2022
Category: Cloud / SaaS
Home Blog The next-generation cloud computing solutions with customized features for business growth

More and more businesses are moving to the cloud, and so cloud computing solutions have gained momentum over the recent years. Cloud computing allows businesses to leverage resources that the cloud service provider maintains. By accessing cloud computing services, users can access software from any part of the world without having to worry about their maintenance and upgrade. In many cases, the computer programs reside in the cloud, and hosted by a third-party.

Given the complexities that businesses have to face to meet the demands of their global clientele and supply chain, it could be cost-prohibitive to maintain the costs of hardware and software for many organizations, especially SMBs. Add to this the costs of keeping a fully-functional in-house team, configuring installations, and securing and updating them on a regular basis. By accessing cloud services offered by the providers, companies can reduce their efforts and costs, and improve their productivity.

Cloud computing solutions, like Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) enable business to serve their customers efficiently and swiftly without owning expensive IT resources. Users will be able to save heavily on the costs of their hardware and software. The use of shared infrastructure provided by the cloud computing service provider means that it serves as a utility. The user will only pay for services they need, and scale up and down as per the business requirements. The next-generation cloud computing solutions are designed to let the users collaborate through their mobile devices.

Cloud computing solutions can be categorized in the below types:

cloud computing solutions

Web-based services: Companies can select different web functions, instead of subscribing to the full-blown applications. For instance, you can use web-based services for accounting and payroll processing only. Web-based services allow you to choose the assortment of web applications as per your requirements. You can select individual services from multiple service providers, and use them with your existing solutions.

SaaS: Software-as-a-Service cloud computing solution provides multiple cloud tenant access to specific applications. Office 365 is one of the most commonly used SaaS applications by businesses. This Microsoft Suite product is available on a monthly subscription. The application provides a complete solution, owned and managed by Microsoft, and can be optimized to provide personalized experiences to the end-users.

IaaS: Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud computing solution includes the key features of cloud computing, and provides cost-efficient access to various infrastructural elements to an organization, such as dedicated hardware, virtual machines, and storage space. IaaS serves as a foundation for SaaS and other cloud-based services. AWS and Windows Azure are the two common IaaS providers that enable you to outsource infrastructures, like backup and storage space.

PaaS: Platform-as-a-Service includes the hardware and operating systems needed to deploy and manage cloud applications. PaaS helps increase the efficiency of your platforms, without the hassles of planning, procuring, and maintaining the cloud solutions. PaaS and IaaS go hand-in-hand as you cannot run your infrastructure without having a platform to manage your IT infrastructure.

Shared and caged colocation: This cloud computing service enables the users to host their business-critical servers, equipment, and data applications, in a highly secure, reliable, and salable IT environment, with a dedicated cage with lock and key.

Flexsin’s cloud computing company eliminate unnecessary hardware, improve organizational mobility, save your money, and free up valuable space for your systems with its cloud computing solutions. Flexsin Technologies is the leading cloud computing service support provider that provides secure and flexible computing infrastructure support to businesses. Flexsin cloud computing company can also help you with various cloud deployment solutions. You can choose from:

Hosted: You will get complete cloud deployment with all the applications and services that you need for your everyday business operations. As the applications are already available to you, new ones can be developed by the cloud development company on a low or a high-level infrastructure, as required. Hosted cloud solutions are entirely managed and owned by the managed service provider.

Hybrid: The cloud deployment model involves a combination of on-premises infrastructure with hosted applications. Hybrid cloud can help you grow your business and move into the cloud while you connect your internal systems. It’s a great option for migrating slowly from on-premises to the hybrid cloud.

On-premises: Yes, cloud solutions can be on-premises. Your cloud computing development company will use virtualization and resource management tools. This deployment model is also known as Private Cloud, you will be provided with dedicated resources but not the complete functions of the cloud. It’s a great solution for those organizations who want to access the functions of the cloud, but also want to keep their sensitive resources private.


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