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The elements that take an eCommerce website from ok to outstanding

The web is scattered with different eCommerce sites that sell either one thing or just about everyth...
Published: 02 Jan 2017
Category: Advanced Web Development
Home Blog The elements that take an eCommerce website from ok to outstanding

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The web is scattered with different eCommerce sites that sell either one thing or just about everything. Realizing that customers/prospects can buy anything from anywhere with the help of the internet and smartphones, entrepreneurs are cashing in on eCommerce. So this is the guide for every entrepreneur who wants to be successful in the online-selling landscape. This post lists top tips to build a dependable online-selling hub that will drive business revenue to the next level.

Developing an eCommerce website from the ground up

Any website that has to handle a lot of visitors every day has to be designed accordingly. And eCommerce websites are usually very delicate as they are put to immense pressure daily. Because of this, a foolproof web design becomes important if the website is an eCommerce one. The intuitive design and successful launch of such a website depend on a few important elements; here they are.

Mobile responsiveness

People like shopping on the go; moreover, taking impulsive buying decisions is common today as disposable income rises. And, these days, customers cherish shopping through their smartphones. So if an eCommerce web development is not responsive and receptive to mobiles, then it may be seeing the writing on the wall. So it will be better if such a website is ready to get loaded seamlessly within the tight real estate of mobile devices.


Whenever people shop online, they are pretty concerned with where their personal info is flowing. The data that any eCommerce website collects should be secured and should not be disclosed to any third-party websites that are information-hungry. Further, such a website should even have correct security algorithms in place to ensure that a shopper’s private information remains secured and private all the time.


If any business expects a shopper to study a manual before surfing its website, then it should shut the portal down by itself. Any website — most importantly an eCommerce one — should be intuitive and simple. It should have the capabilities to let shoppers revisit this site repeatedly. The design of any online-shopping website should be straightforward and simple. The sign-up options should be clear; and when shoppers press the “Buy” button, they should not go through several loops to just one level down the sales funnel.

Product images and information

Your website’s design should accommodate descriptive information and different product pictures. None wants to buy anything if they cannot see it. Apart from the images, information should even be crisp and clear. Most shoppers prefer reading a lot about the product before clicking on the “Buy” button, so online eCommerce sites should ensure that their product info feeds customers well.

Search tool

Every leading eCommerce portal will always carry an easy-to-use search tool. A first-time visitor on such a site should be able to find whatever the person came looking for within minutes. If that is not the case, then the web design and development tasks are not executed properly. Filtered searches on such a site is one of the prized commodities that will provide visitors unparalleled convenience every time. And everyone in today’s digital world is a salve of convenience.

Because of these factors, it is apt for businesses to hire a reliable eCommerce solutions company that creates websites that are ready to convert casual visitors into loyal customers. However, before associating with any web development and design company, it is advisable to view its portfolio and then make a decision.


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