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Stimulate the Online Advertising with latest Google adwords updates

Google Adwords Google’s advertising system is set to make a real difference to the PPC advertising...
Published: 22 Aug 2014
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog Stimulate the Online Advertising with latest Google adwords updates

Google Adwords Google’s advertising system is set to make a real difference to the PPC advertising campaigns with its three most recent updates. Like regular Google updates, Google Adwords updates will definitely put an impact on search results that are displayed by the Google for a particular search query. So, before you lag behind in the race online advertising, take a look at the updates that are really going to rock. These include:

Online Advertising

1. New Bulk editing tools:
With the launching of a new bulk editing feature within the AdWords console, it has become very convenient for the PPC advertisers to set their online ad campaigns in a more efficient manner. Some of the remarkable features of the editing tool include:

- Filtering the campaigns that target a specific location.
- Updating multiple campaigns focusing on a new targeted location.
- Adjusting settings such as language, campaign end dates, and ad rotation.

2. Conversion for optimization:
The newest initiative belongs to a new Conversions for Optimization setting in AdWords that successfully segregates a conversion action for the purpose of reporting and bid automation.

With the enabling of new setting, you will be able to set bid strategies for specific conversion actions. The new reporting columns will likely to be more applicable and used for bidding strategies, including:

- Target return on ad spend.
- Enhanced cost-per-click.
- Using the conversion optimizer.

Once the ‘Optimization’ conversion setting gets activated in a campaign, New Conversions Optimization columns display performance for the optimized conversion type whether you bid manually or not. Now, you can cut off the conversion data for the conversion type. Interestingly, the Conversions column also exhibits the total number of conversions accrued.

3. Website call conversions:
The newest feature from the Google Adwords ‘website call conversions’ is a powerful way to identify and measure calls from the website that occurs after an ad is clicked. That is why it relates to the clicks that lead to call. With the feature, advertisers can track calls that occur after an online user arrives on a website from an ad click. With website call conversions, you can

- Maximize call value and volume.
- Understand the keywords and ads that drive results.
- Know keywords and ads that result in more valuable calls.
- Assign different values to calls originated from different pages of your website.
- Optimize keyword bids to drive more calls.
- Easy to use with other call tracking solutions.

By using Target CPA or Target ROAS, you can automatically optimize your keyword bids to drive more calls.

With a professional and experienced pay-per-click company and its PPC services, you can have the best advertising solutions as it functions according to the updates issued by Google Adwords.


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