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Shortening your lengthy URLs had never been so easy

Google URL shortener at is service that facilitates to shorten the longer URLs of hundred cha...
Published: 21 Dec 2009
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog Shortening your lengthy URLs had never been so easy

Google URL shortener at is service that facilitates to shorten the longer URLs of hundred characters and renovate them into roughly 20 characters. Likewise, the appreciably reduced URLs have been become more convenient and manageable links for the users. Now, the shorten URLs are easy to share, tweet, or e-mail to your friends.

The underneath objectives of shortening the characters of the URLs are to provide the security, speed, and stability. These objectives ensures that your services are optimum and on time. In addition, it also protects from external threats of misuse of your web pages.

These days, lots of people share their web links and it is already well proven by the growing popularity of Twitter. This feature is more commonly known as micro-blogging services. Google URL shortener by squeezing the URLs helps greatly to the users and provides them additional space to say more to their friends.

However, the advantages of making Google global infrastructure of the URLs shortener are:

  • It helps people to make their links more manageable: Many of the links are long and difficult to manage. For the benefit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the URLs of these links knowingly made longer. Actually, SEO helps in increasing the page ranking of website in the Google. Of course, the URLs help to find the targeted content, but they are not only very long but also difficult to share on social media services including Twitter and Facebook. But custom URL shortener squeezes the links and makes it manageable. By doing this, it also permits users to use keywords to illustrate the link.
  • It can be changed into social media services: This is one of the most important features that URL shorteners can easily gather, manage, and share the data on Twitter and other websites. Ultimately, it helps in creating social media services that show the popular links, rank, and domains. Hence, URL shortener is a catalyst that provides as cumulative information.
  • It is helpful for users: It helps users by providing them useful features i.e. interface for sharing by social media. Here, users have the option that they can follow the links; these links help them to get the web pages. The purpose of this is to improve the browsing experience of the users and make them easily available.
  • It encourages the sharing and space management services: URL shortener helps the users to manage more links as well as content in less space. Hence, it is quite useful for mobile smart phones, mobile internet, and texting. Since, the popularity of internet has been increasing fast; therefore, the shortening of URLs has become integral part to maintain the pace (of internet growth).

Moreover, with so many advantages, Google’s and Facebook shortening service is designed in such a way that  it will automatically validate to all those links those are pasted into the new share feature on the Google Toolbar. Besides, the share button also permits the users to immediately post or email comments to services including Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or Delicious.


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