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SEO Techniques that should not compromise with

Every year, new updates are released by Google which significantly stimulate the way SEO works to ma...
Published: 22 Apr 2015
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog SEO Techniques that should not compromise with

Every year, new updates are released by Google which significantly stimulate the way SEO works to make a website visible in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Keeping in mind updates of Google, SEO experts constantly formulate strategies to counter changes in Google’s algorithms.

Expert of SEO understand that both Off-Page and On-Page optimization strategies are equally important to counter the changes in Google’s algorithm. But, in order to cope with such changes, strategies of both optimization techniques must be regularly tested and implemented. Although, both optimization strategies are indeed vital, but, in this blog, five such techniques have been discussed that one should consider before planning On-Page optimization.

Emphasis on one keyword or topic to optimize your site

Gone are the days when content is stuffed with a lot of keywords. Google imposes penalties on such sites that offer keywords-stuffed content. In order to avoid penalties and rank higher, you should insist on creating a compelling content using one central keyword.

Place your keywords strategically

Make sure a keyword is strategically placed throughout the page copy including page-title, heading, and image alt text.

Structure the URL wisely

A URL is undoubtedly one of the first things that a search engine uses to place a website on a position. It is recommended that the URLs must be kept short to make it easy to crawl. Further, it should include page’s topic and keyword as well to help search engines categorize the pages.

Don’t forget to optimize page titles

A title tag is something used by search engines to bring a page in their results. While creating a page title, one should not forget that Google displays between 50-60 characters in the title tag followed by an engaging copy.

Consider mobile search implications

Using internet on mobile devices has significantly changed the way SEO works. If statistics of 2014 are to be believed, nearly 40% of organic traffic comes from mobiles devices. So, it clearly indicates that a website should be mobile optimized, avoiding mistakes including redirects, blocked media, mobile-only 404 and slow loading times.

Optimizing a website without professional help can turn out to be a disaster, as the process calls for sound technical knowledge. If you are not well-versed with the basics of On-Page optimization techniques, then professional assistance is highly recommended. There are many companies offering effective SEO services in India, dedicated to help your website rank as high as possible.


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