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SEO marketing: Target quality rather of quantity
admin 21 May 2012

SEO marketing is a powerful tool if it is wielded with a focused mind. Every business website concentrates on specific keywords that are related to their products and services. The chosen keywords have to be targeted with care, and the right kind of tools has to be used to push the products of the organization over the popular search engines. The use of keywords has to be done in combination with on page, and off page optimization to create a perfect unbreakable loop. They have to be done in a subtle manner so that the search engines do not consider them in the category of black hat optimization. Keyword stuffing has to be avoided at all times, and the content has to be built organically.

There have been many new updates in popular search engines like Google, and many companies have lost their ranking with the Penguin Updates. This is more of a Penguin punch in the gut after the panda slap. Hence, focused SEO marketing is absolutely necessary to avoid all pitfall that may come in the future.

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