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Security Considerations In Web Development

The term web development literally means development of the web sites for the businesses as well as ...
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AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Jul 07 2010

The term web development literally means development of the web sites for the businesses as well as organizations that are then uploaded on the internet or the intranet. In the opinion of many web development is purely a technical term that refers to the non-design aspects of the website development like writing mark-up as well as coding. According to many others the web site development means the entire gamut of operations like the web content development, web design, web server as well as network security configuration, alongwith e-commerce development. Web development could be for a simple static website or maybe a complex web based application. But one thing that is quite common among all these is the security aspect of the website.

In the domain of web development there are many security issues that are taken into account. For instance the data entry error checking through forms, filtering output alongwith encryption. The threat to the security of a website or the data as well as the information that is store in it is vulnerable to threats of many kinds. The script can be exploited by the malevolent entities in order to gain access to the valuable information like the passwords, e-main addresses as well as other important information like the credit card numbers.

Another ways in which the website could be under attack is through the SQL injections and that too by the people who are not knowledgeable enough of the web development process. The server environment on which the languages are running are responsible to some extent for the security to some extent. Server port hardening is the term that is used to keep the web servers safe. In many cases the web developers use different forms of encryption while transferring or storing the information.

Security is an ongoing issue in web development. Although the web developers stringently test the web application before making the content public, yet it is seen that security breaches keep happening even after that. Thus security patch updates are the most widely used for the mostly frequented websites. Contact Us.


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