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Search Engine Reputation Management Needs To Be Taken Seriously
admin 16 Mar 2010

Just imagine you have painstakingly created a website or have posted a blog that till now have been doing wonders for your online image. Your website was creating an image and getting truckloads of customers. Your blog was beginning to create waves on the net, and then suddenly, one fine morning you found that there was a listing on the front page of one of the most popular search engines that were just about anything but extolling your online signature. Everything that was or could have been right about your creation on the net is now being tarnished and that too inch by inch. A loophole, shortcomings as well as anything that could demean your work is being done diligently. What would your response be? Anger, hatred, surprise, anguish or just a feeling of simply condoning? Well, in my opinion, it should have been anything but the last one. If this is the situation you find yourself in then the best way out is to respond.

The next question that comes up is how to respond. You can simply post your reply or maybe you can use abusive language or tarnish the reputation of the site. In my opinion, there is another way out. That way is the best way to improve your site reputation. First, try to see whether that posting really means what it says. I mean you can take the criticism constructively. If you think that it does have a point to make then the best ways out is to make the perilously stated corrections immediately to your signature on the web and post a message of sincere thanks to the people out there trying to demean you. Another way is to be sure what your real intentions were at the time of creating that post. If they were malicious then well just go ahead and do what you think you should have been doing. If they were not then the best way out is to seek the help of the people who you think are the best online spinsters. These people would help you in getting back that reputation, in fact, more strongly than before. Although it might work in the initial stages, you will definitely have to do something about your intentions first. Anything malicious can’t lead you anywhere. SERM (search engine reputation management) is the word that should answer your queries. If you can manage the situation on your own it’s good. If you cannot, then hire  a good  SERM services provider.

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