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Scale Up Your Business With Power Packed And Future Ready .NET Development Frameworks

Dot NET application development providers a unified platform for creating applications that are capa...
Published: 25 Nov 2020
Category: Software Development
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Dot NET application development providers a unified platform for creating applications that are capable of running on various platforms such as Linux, Windows Server, mobile phones and also Azure applications. Whether you are looking to develop a dynamic website,, business intelligence application or mobile apps, .NEt has all the features to make your apps scalable and reliable. Dot Net Core Framework is used by the developers for building cross-platform device, cloud and IoT applications. It has the ability to fast JSON reading, writing and supporting HTTP/2 that make it easier to port desktop applications to .NET Core. The secure platform has MVC architecture that leans towards SoC and enables secure web and mobile applications.

The fabulous .NET 5 allows the developers to migrate to Blazor or other alternative frameworks such as React, Angular and SPA frameworks. Blazor is used by the developers to create interactive user interfaces using an assortment of C#, HTML and Razor. It can be made to run directly in the browser with client-side C# code with the help of WebAssembly. .NET 5 makes it possible for the code of any programming language to be compiled into bytecode that runs in a browser. It is executed faster than JavaScript, so one can write the performance-critical parts of the app with C/C++/C#/Kotlin, Rust or any other language that the developer finds most suitable to use.

Blazor offers a range of features such as:

  • Forms and validations
  • Dependency injection
  • Layouts
  • Routing
  • Server-side rendering, and
  • JavaScript interop

ML.NET 1.4 enables image classification based on Deep Neural Network (DNN), retaining with GPU support. The machine learning (ML) platform makes it easy to build custom ML models using Automated Machine Learning or AutoML.

.NET comes in below four flavors:

.NET Framework

It includes WPF, ASP.Net Forms, Base Class Library. And windows Forms.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): It is used for creating graphical interfaces for desktop client applications on Windows.

Base Class Library (BCL): It provides a set of reusable interfaces, classes and value types that are closely integrated with the Common Language.

Windows Forms: This GUI class library within .NET framework is used to develop applications with rich graphics that are easy to deploy.

ASP.NET: It is used to develop dynamic websites and web applications. Common Language Runtime (CLR) provides developers the opportunity to write ASP.NET code using a variety of languages.

.NET Core

With the help of .NET Core, the developers can create applications that aren’t necessarily tied to the Windows family. Its different versions can also be installed side-by-side on the same device.


It is used for mobile applications and Mac products. It uses the Mon runtime and a version of the .NET framework adjusted to work with APIs for Android, iOS and Xamarin Mac.

.NET Standard

The library combines APIs from .NET Framework .NET Core and Xamarin., allowing the developers to use a single base class library rather than the different ones related to each .NET implementation.

Third-party tools enable .NET developers to create intuitive applications and boost productivity. Some of the most common .NET tools used by the developers are described below:

Visual Studio

Extensions by Visual Studio strengthens the core VS functionality with features like task shortcuts and Intellisense for CSS/HTML/JavaScript, etc. it’s a must-have to write and debug code with ease.


The tool helps developers perform on-to-go code analysis with quick fixes and automated code refactoring. ReSharper has more than 60 refactoring and more than 450 context actions that make it possible for the developers to quickly complete their tasks.


The Google-developed logging tool helps developers to easily identify gaps in their codes. It can be added to a running ASP.NET web application without the need for any re-compilation and re-deployment.


This lightweight extension is used to test LINQ queries or any C#. F# or Visual Basic program. It offers rich output formatting, auto-completion and integrated debugging.


The tool is used by the developers to enhance the quality of their codes with the help of multiple metrics. It allows for the visualization of the code’s design and estimate the technical depth of the IDE. Its custom-query language examines the application’s coupling and analyze their adherence to standards.


One can expose dynamic data grids to show data in a preferred way. It is used in between services and intercepts all communication.

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