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Scalable cloud solutions to help you achieve cost efficiency and sustain business continuity in 2022

Cloud is central to system resilience, amplifies business agility, and provides companies with a fut...
Published: 28 Jan 2022
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Home Blog Scalable cloud solutions to help you achieve cost efficiency and sustain business continuity in 2022

Cloud is central to system resilience, amplifies business agility, and provides companies with a future-ready competitive advantage. Instead of putting money upfront in IT installations and their maintenance, the cloud’s pay-as-you-go model allows companies to access services as and when needed, and pay only for the period they are used. The model makes room for finances to be streamed into experimentation and experiences that have a big impact on the overall growth of an organization. Cloud has democratized AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) knowledge, it’s no longer restricted to the siloed group of data scientists and specialists.

PaaS (Platform-as-a-Solution) solutions enable software engineers by simplifying the application development lifecycle, and offering faster time to market. PaaS will see growth in 2022 with the continued need of the remote workforce to access high-performing and scalable infrastructure, enabled with cloud-native applications. Cloud is being used to facilitate remote work environments so that companies could access the high-performing and scalable infrastructure that they require to scale up. Companies will continue to migrate workloads and use more PaaS resources to benefit from the maximized financial advantages offered by this device-independent platform.

Benefit with the cloud blueprint

Cloud provides business-specific blueprint for innovation and growth, and higher return on investment (ROI) across imperatives of innovation, compliance, and growth acceleration. Businesses in healthcare, insurance and finances can benefit from cloud blueprint by creating value-differentiated offerings that meet the demand of an organization.

Enterprise technologies are increasing in complexity as workplaces are becoming decentralized during the pandemic, which has validated the value proposition of cloud for SMBs that are increasingly migrating their functioning to the cloud. Exciting new cloud technologies are making it easier to instantly generate, process, and analyze data for improved outcomes by businesses.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has established itself as an enterprise-friendly cloud with its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), analytics and account management. Amazon Web Services (AWS) will further its progress in providing services for operations management and operations services, such as Amazon Chime, and Amazon Simple Queue Service. Microsoft Azure cloud is witnessing increasing adoption due to an increased level of trust that Google and Amazon cannot match. China’s Alibaba cloud took the number three spot for revenue in the global public cloud infrastructure market in 2021, behind AWS and Microsoft, as per a report by Forrester.

Edge is making inroads

Edge is the new cloud, with large vendors including IBM, Dell, and HPE, doubling down on the edge with cloud-like solutions deployable to anywhere. Content delivery networks and data center colocation vendors are offering edge computing services to businesses across thousands of local points of presence. Over the next three years, buyers are likely to shift their cloud strategies toward the edge to become more connected, and benefit from the innovation. Cloud portability helps businesses adopt multi-cloud strategies and focus more on portability, instead of focusing on functionality, procurement, and risk mitigation.

Simply getting to the cloud doesn’t automatically mean that you will see improved performance. It’s rather an iterative process of optimizing and creating security by design to match your company’s goals for the short and long term.

Facilitating co-working, co-creation, and co-innovation

cloud solutions

Cloud facilitates co-working, co-creation, and co-innovation, both inside and outside the organization. It’s the right time for you to team up with an experienced and trusted cloud partner that can help your business move up the supply chain. The ability to use on-demand, scalable and cloud models to achieve cost efficiency and business continuity is facilitating the businesses to accelerate rapidly by providing them with the required impetus. The cloud is being stretched to process and coordinate information across Edge, blockchain, and IoT (Internet of Things). The technology is helping in modernizing the business core with data-driven strategies, and future-next horizon technologies.

As a leading cloud company, Flexsin Technologies can help in bridging the gaps between your IT team’s skills, and your company’s higher-level goals, so that everyone shares the same strategic vision. Leveraging its capabilities in cloud economics, Flexsin cloud computing solutions  provider company can help further optimize spending for you by focusing on the right growth opportunities for your organization. Cloud is fundamental to success in today’s hyper-connected world. Companies need to shift from ‘cloud as an option’ to a “cloud-first mindset”. It’s here that Flexsin can help you by bringing all elements together to innovate, such as technologies, processes and people, with a streamlined approach.


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