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SAP Business One Starter Package: 5 Benefits For High-Growth SMEs

A software solution often comes with so many features. As a small business owner, you know the impor...
Anurag Dutt
Published: 01 Sep 2022
Category: SAP
Home Blog SAP Business One Starter Package: 5 Benefits For High-Growth SMEs

A software solution often comes with so many features. As a small business owner, you know the importance of using a business solution that will bring an incredible price-to-performance ratio. But finding a business solution that will help simplify business automation on a budget is a challenge.

Your search for a cost-effective ERP solution will end with the SAP Business One Starter Package. This solution has all the features that will help your SME or startup accelerate its growth. Designed by SAP, this Starter Package will enable your small business to unlock next-level agility. But that is not all. Here are the top five benefits your business will reap once it invests in the SAP Business One Starter Package.

SAP Business One Starter Package Benefits Explained

Delivering Cost-Effectiveness

Your growing SME does not need ERP software that costs a bomb. Instead, your business requires a solution that is economical to implement and maintain. Here is where the Starter Package from SAP comes into play. Besides, the Starter Package’s one-time deployment cost is nearly 98 percent less than the cost of a traditional SAP ERP implementation. Regardless of the price you pay, the core components of the Starter Package will be similar to the ones found in the complete version of SAP B1.

Upgrading This ERP Solution Is Simple

Your business is meant to grow. So, future-proof your ERP solution for the time when your small business becomes a mid-sized enterprise. The Starter Package is meant to support MSMEs only. That means your growing organization may outgrow its ERP solution. That is when the Start Package must be transitioned into SAP Business One’s main version. And the transition from the SAP Business One Starter Package to the mainstream version will be smooth and fast. Why? Well, the components of SAP Business One are present in the Starter Package from the beginning. That is why this transition will lead to zero disruption to everyday work.

Embracing Automation Seamlessly

Small businesses and startups often operate with workforce constraints. However, the departments in an SME will work with the data required by large enterprises too. Here is a good case in point. The inventory department and the sales department work with the same customer data. So, if the data is not centralized, chances are that both departments would work with outdated data or would enter the same data twice. The SAP Business One Starter Package resolves this problem with automation. The Starter Package will automate data flow. The result? One department will cut its dependence on the other department to receive relevant data.

Delivering Efficacy Designed For SMEs

The Starter Package is built for MSMEs. That means the SAP Business One Starter Package is optimized for helping small businesses grow fast. The Starter Package is a light version of SAP Business One—an ERP solution admired for its robustness. First released in 2002, the Starter Package received a stable release in 2020. That is, the Starter Package is tried and tested for supporting the growth of startups and SMEs. So, if your organization is planning to invest in this ERP solution, look no further. This solution helps small businesses expand without having to worry about security breaches and bugs.

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Receiving Actionable Insights

The SAP B1 Starter Package is no cookie-cutter ERP that only helps you operate your business effectively. Instead, this ERP solution helps small businesses get detailed reports on sales, accounts, inventory, customer engagement, etc. For example, a business can dive deep into its Starter Package sales module to get insights into its sales function. The Starter Package’s sales module, for example, can help a leader see the number of sales for a specific period, repeat customers, profits, etc. The bottom line? The Starter Package dashboard is packed with useful information.

An SAP Partner To Help You Get Started With The Starter Package

Getting started with any new ERP solution can be challenging without proper guidance. Here is where we, at Flexsin, come in. Our SAP practice is built on years of experience in helping businesses enable digital transformation. As an SAP consultation partner, our SAP services include consultation, implementation, migration, support, and training. We have deep capabilities in helping businesses maximize the ROI from this particular ERP solution. So, contact our SAP experts and see how the Starter Package can help your business digitize its core.


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