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Salesforce Consulting Services Across Apps and CRM Lifecycles Using The Best Practices

Salesforce is one of the most trusted platforms to build enterprise custom applications and extensio...
Published: 24 Nov 2021
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Salesforce is one of the most trusted platforms to build enterprise custom applications and extensions. More than 5.5 million apps are already built on the highly versatile Salesforce platform. Trust is built in every layer of the Salesforce platform, be it the network, infrastructure, or application services that make it the favorite of application developers all over the world.

Salesforce Lightning application development platform allows for easy and faster coding of apps. It also has inbuilt scaling, process automation, globalization, and search and reporting capabilities. The developer will not need to write HTML or CSS, as they can use Lightning Style Library for this purpose. The platform has low code capabilities that allow even the non-developers to build an application with little or no help.

APEX is the proprietary language developed by Salesforce that lets developers execute flows, and control statements on Force APIs, and also on the Force platform. APEX has Java like syntax and could execute DML statements like UPDATE, INSERT, SQL and DELETE. It is strongly typed and built to run on a multitenant environment.

Trailinghead empowers the developers, especially those beginning their coding career, with many free badges and guided learning. AppExchange has a huge collection of apps and components that can be reused by customers.

Salesforce DX best development practices

Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX, which was released in the year 2017, includes Salesforce CLI, and a new sandbox, known as scratchorgs, that uses the best practices for source-driven development practices. Salesforce DX is just not a product, it is rather the development philosophy by Salesforce, and contains a series of tooling changes that have been rolled over a period of many years by the software development giant. It includes the new command line interface, new sandbox format known as scratch orgs, and best practices with source control, among others, that include:

Plan development activities: It involves jotting down where you are today and where you want to reach, followed by development activities and timelines.

Understanding of architecture: The developer should need to have a thorough understanding of Salesforce APIs, database, schema, and architecture for a smooth development process.

Avoidance of redundancy: One needs to be aware of inadvertently introducing redundancies in the code, as these might trigger the same objects over and over.

Use of sandbox: Use of sandbox allows for easy tracking of the changes and progress of the development work. Different flavors of the sandbox are available with or without data that one can be used based on their development requirements.

Coding style: The code should be easy to use, and one should take care to avoid the usage of complicated frameworks, and libraries. You can also set code reviews that will help in lowering the production issues and downtime.

Triggering of frameworks and modules: The code in Salesforce DX can be standardized using the trigger framework. Split the code into modules, and check only the module which has errors. This will significantly bring down your development and testing efforts.

Development tools: You need to pick the right tools for your development process. Free and paid IDEs are available, like Illuminated Cloud, Welkin Suite, and Sublime that can be used as apt development tools.

Testing: Test and retest the code to make sure that it works in the intended way before making it go live. Automated test scripts or tools can be used for this purpose to speed up the testing process, doing this manually will take a huge amount of time.

Documentation: Document everything while coding, admins and developers can refer to coding as and when needed. You also need to have control over the changes, and should be able to track and audit them to meet the compliance requirements.

Meeting your custom Salesforce development challenges

The best part is that Salesforce can be tweaked as per the specific configuration requirements of your business. If some configuration cannot be achieved, custom applications are available. As a trusted Salesforce development company, Flexsin Technologies will help you stay at the top of the game in the custom Salesforce development to meet your peculiar Salesforce app development challenges. The team of agile-enabled developers at Flexsin has successfully delivered more than 2500+ projects for clients in over 15 countries all over the world. Flexsin Technologies has entered into strategic partnerships with many clients including AWS, Microsoft, NASSCOM, SAP, Hyperledger, and more. The range of service offerings offered by Flexsin Technologies include digital transformation, web applications, enterprise mobility, data science & analytics, experience design, and more.


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