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SaaS and its Role in Payroll and Human Resources web applications

The traditionally important services in the business environment like the payroll services as well a...
Published: 17 Oct 2011
Category: Cloud / SaaS,  New Technologies
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The traditionally important services in the business environment like the payroll services as well as the human resources services are now going through a period of fermentation. Some of the latest technologies and in particular the application based services are taking the contemporary important services that form the backbone of all the organizations no matter whether they are big or small into a new zone altogether. And the most important development that has really taken the world of application-based services by surprise is the advent of Software as a Service (SaaS) that is more commonly known as the on-demand software. In this model, the software along with the data is hosted centrally or to be precise in the internet cloud.

The importance of SaaS is very much evident in the payroll services wherein the traditional payroll services as well as the other online payroll service providers perform the same duties like the management of the taxes and keeping track of the payroll reports. But just like in the traditional ways of payroll services even the most robust of online payroll service providers waste a lot of time which is inevitable. The constraints, like waiting for the paychecks to be cut and the deposits are made before reviewing the payrolls make the job all the more difficult. And just one shipment of wrong checks can open a Pandora’s Box for the administrators. But the use of SaaS has changed all that.

SaaS does the same job of entering the payrolls but without consuming too much of time. The ways in which SaaS can help the payroll departments in the organizations are:

  • Providing an effective way in which the payrolls can be entered into a secure website during the pay period.
  • Making available a robust way of ensuring that the data entered is correct
  • And finally doing the final job of approving the payroll.

The benefits of using this application service provider are that it costs lesser than the other enterprise service providers. The provider of the SaaS services would only charge you a subscription fee that could be an annual feature or a monthly payment. There are various parameters on the basis of which the costs of providing SaaS services are determined.

Another important backbone service that forms an integral part of the organizations is the recruitment services. And almost all the major organizations that want to make sure that they stay abreast of their competitors are turning towards the latest craze among the application service providers which is SaaS. SaaS has everything that is required that can equip the HR people in keeping tack on the best available resources in the market. The entire database of the employment seekers is stored on a secure website. This helps the recruiters in scanning the database and selecting the finest of resources.

As far as the as the cost charged by the SaaS web development service provider is considered, it is a periodical affair that could be monthly or annually. The other parameters like the number of users also play an important part. In the SaaS environment, the customers data exists with the vendor that gives them the opportunities to charge per transaction, event, or any other unit of value that is selected.


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