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ROI Driven PPC campaign management assured returns on your marketing investment

In today’s cut-throat competition, sending an effective and responsive message has turned out a He...
Published: 16 Jun 2014
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog ROI Driven PPC campaign management assured returns on your marketing investment

In today’s cut-throat competition, sending an effective and responsive message has turned out a Herculean task among advertisers. Every year, millions of bucks are spent globally to reach the targeted audiences through advertisements and convert them into potential customers. In this fierce race of success and growth in the advertisement industry, winning matters the most and it can be smartly done with a strategically crafted and well-executed pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management. With such a campaign, you can win assured and fixed returns on advertising investment.

PPC ServicesCandidly, it is the best and most accepted advertising tool to reach to all potential clients who are looking for services or products of their choice. In fact, it is made for whom it is meant for. It is said that PPC works for direct-response marketers, online retailers and brand advertisers. It is a unique form of online advertising that charges your paid advertisements on the basis of number of clicks. With paid and free tools, PPC campaigns are exercised on various platforms such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Search marketing, YouTube Video advertisement, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads. There are different types of PPC services such as:

- Social media marketing.
- Search engine marketing.
- Display networks.

Sponsored advertisements within the search engines can really do wonders in driving relevant traffic to specific websites. Being an integral part of online marketing, PPC offers options that you simply fail to get from other online marketing plans. Hence, paid advertisements are willingly and strategically placed to entice visitors so that they may click your advertisements when it comes to finding the most relevant information on the search engines. It is an online platform to do the paid advertising for business products or services.

Paid advertisement (PPC) components:

Search management:

We can place advertisements on searches according to our preference position on multiple search engines.

Display management:

We can show our advertisement on other websites which are related to our business theme.

Social ad management:

We can reach to maximum visitors on social media platform, according to the interest category of online visitors.

Integrated analytics:

It is used to track visitors behavior and implement that analysis in making future business strategies.

Performance management:

It belongs to the racking performance of advertisement campaigns. It also includes bid management, landing page optimization, keyword optimization, and ad text optimization (creating ad variation).

Visitor management:

It tracks the flow of visitors traffic via search funnel optimization and conversion goal.

PPC process:

PPC advertising activates through a bidding process in which advertisements appear on the right side of the search engines and their relevant network pages. The cost structure of pay per click is action-driven. Each time a user clicks your ad, the PPC engine deducts a particular amount of money from your account on the basis of your bids that rely upon specific keywords. Through this process, online traffic is attracted and leaded into conversions.

PPC services in India, from experts and professional PPC service providers, can deliver smart returns on your advertising investment. These services can help you get:

- Enhanced relevant, quality traffic to your site consistently.
- Reduced cost per click on your existing paid search marketing campaign.
- Higher conversion rates from your website visitors via sponsored results.
- Improved brand visibility in the search engines.
- Tracking of actual results.


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