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Roadmap For Discovering The Right Salesforce Solutions For Business

Some businesses may have a hard time deciding between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. The enterprises...
Published: 01 May 2020
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Some businesses may have a hard time deciding between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. The enterprises are getting confused while choosing between Service Cloud license and Sales Cloud license because these two Salesforce products are heavily inspired by each other.

Before delving into these two Salesforce clouds, here is a brief rundown on them.

Decoding Sales Cloud And Service Cloud

When it comes to boosting a sales team’s productivity, it comes down to Sales Cloud. The deployment of Sales Cloud will help enterprises in different ways.

  • Finding leads and closing deals become blazingly fast
  • Managing leads becomes simpler and more effective
  • Standardizing pricing capability and quoting
  • Simplifying the way customer details are accessed
  • Forecasting becomes simpler and faster than ever

A services cloud includes a completely intelligent service model focusing on customer service and empowering the digital accelerators. These enablers can easily drive customer success with faster, smarter service tools. The implementation of Service Cloud will help a business in the following ways.

  • Deploying Essential Case Management that helps make assignments and escalations
  • Introducing fresh knowledge-based capabilities for providing and sharing information
  • Implementing different features such as ideas and Q&A for fostering customer collaboration
  • Driving engagement levels with live chats for support and customer agents

Now that it is clear what Sales Cloud and Service Cloud do, let us dive deep into each one of them.

Sales Cloud: Bring The Power Of Automation To Sales Processes

Sales Cloud is the core Salesforce product engineered to manage, automate, and analyze sales processes. The user base of this product comprises both sales managers and sales reps. The cloud product enables its users to complete different tasks at different priorities effectively.

A completely customizable product, Sales Cloud integrates customer information through an end-to-end fully integrated platform. This platform brings marketing, sales, lead generation, business analytics, and customer service. Besides, this Salesforce product lets enterprises gain access to cutting-edge analytics for thousands of applications via the AppExchange.

Service Cloud: Reimagining Enterprise-Wide Customer Service Initiatives

When a company prioritizes customer service above everything else, Salesforce Service Cloud will help. Regardless of whether a business is a B2B or B2C company, Service Cloud will help streamline customer service models from top to bottom.

The Salesforce Cloud product is especially helpful when a business has many of its customers raising queries and tickets regularly. With the help of a dedicated Service Cloud, an enterprise’s service agents will find it simpler and easier to keep track of tickets while solving everything efficiently.

In short, with the help of a full-fledged service model, an enterprise will automate its complex service processes and resolve workflow bottlenecks like never before. The Cloud will enable support staff to go the extra mile every time when it comes to serving customers. Best of all, Service Cloud has the capability of listening to customers from a range of social platforms while automatically routing the cases to appropriate agents.

The Question Of Choosing Between Sales Cloud And Service Cloud

Nonetheless, Service Cloud most of the time overlaps with Sales Cloud. But it does not mean that both the products are somewhat similar. Sales Cloud is recommended for those enterprises that have a completely sales-centric business model.

This Cloud variety offers features that reflect different processes of turning a lead into a high-paying account. Among all the unique Sales Cloud features, the most-used ones comprise Territory Management, Quotes, Opportunity Splits, Sales Forecasting, and Sales Contracts.

However, an enterprise will have to rely on Service Cloud that offers modules related to agent productivity improvement and customer service management. Which is why, businesses that have a business model centered on customer service must rely on Service Cloud.

Service Cloud from Salesforce brings a variety of features including Service Console, Service Analytics, and Field Service. Because of these modules, it will be easier for an enterprise to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

But the question is, how to go about implementing either Sales Cloud or Service Cloud?

The deployment of these Salesforce products might become overwhelming for enterprises that do not have the experience and expertise in dealing with the ecosystem.

That is where a reliable strategic Salesforce implementation partner comes into the picture.

Flexsin: A Dependable Salesforce Partner For Enterprises

When it comes to deploying Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud or Service Cloud or both, it definitely comes down to having an experienced implementation partner on board.

A reliable Salesforce deployment partner, Flexsin has helped countless businesses drive digital transformation with powerful business solutions. Right from implementation to development and customization, the company has deep expertise in working with different Salesforce products.

With Flexsin, enterprises find it easier and faster to build immersive digital experience for customers, partners, and employees with Salesforce. Besides having the know-how of working with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Flexsin has an impressive track record of deploying Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Community Cloud.

So, enterprises that want to unlock the complete benefits of Salesforce must bring Flexsin’s team of Salesforce developers on board. That way, businesses will embrace the next wave of digital transformation fast with a strong Salesforce development company such as Flexsin.


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