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Home Blog Redesign of Google Search App for Android Lollipop Devices to stay sane as you juggle, work and play
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Redesign of Google Search App for Android Lollipop Devices to stay sane as you juggle, work and play
admin 15 Nov 2014

Lollipop devices are necessary for juggling, working, and making the most of app landscape. Google will roll out Material Design to search with bold colors, fluid animations, and simplified layouts. With new Now Cards, the new search app has been designed to be more instinctive and it will help end users keep their events and to-do lists totally organized. The new app will provide end users the best reminders for events that they may leave unnoticed in their Gmail inbox.

Google says that the updated app will allow Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Galaxy Note 4 users to set their device with the voice command “Ok Google” that works even if the screen is off. The material design was initially designed in order to use tactile surfaces, bold graphic design, and fluid motion to create perceptive experiences.

In material design, both surface and shadow constitute a physical structure that explains not only what can be touched but also what can be moved. By using the principles of modern printing design, content is made front and center. But motion clarifies relationships and teaches with delightful details.

With the Google app, you can easily organize your life as the card will remind you all events and schedules. Moreover, the redesigned Google Search App can open other apps with simple commands. Google says this feature works with different apps, including TripAdvisor, TuneIn, Trulia, and YouTube.

A quick coin flip is one of the most remarkable of all the new updates. The virtual coin toss helps end-users make decisions with an “Ok Google, flip a coin” prompt. If you want to organize events and to-do lists, “Flip a coin” feature can help you take a balanced decision.

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