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Powerful UX Tips to Convert Casual Visitors into Loyal Customers

A website’s UX (user experience) can make the business lose its customers if the experience is...
Published: 06 Jun 2017
Category: User Experience Design
Home Blog Powerful UX Tips to Convert Casual Visitors into Loyal Customers

A website’s UX (user experience) can make the business lose its customers if the experience is not engineered and optimized well. It is disheartening for a business when visitors on its website browse without buying. This lack of motivation to click on the “Buy” button can be because the site may not be creating and delivering powerful UX. Just offering good products is not enough today – the presentation matters a lot as well.

If a business presumes that delivering high-quality products is enough to make fickle-minded visitors strong-minded customers, then it is high time to dispel such misconceptions. When the business is online, product quality is as important as its presentation.

The presentation or UX should be enriching, helpful, informative and adaptive right from the time a visitor enters the web space. A site with power-packed experience will always lead its visitors to click on the final “Confirm” button while they are checking out. Bad UX, however, will always force the visitors to click on the dreadful “X” that will make them leave the website.

Now, the million-dollar question is, “How should a business create influential UX that results in sales, returned customers and generates fresh leads?” That is precisely what is answered in this post. So let us dive into the factors that create result-driven UX for a web property.

Reduce the Loading Time to Boost Sales

A site’s UX begins right from the very moment a customer enters it. So it does not actually matter whether a site is beautiful or creative – if it is not loading on time, it is not selling on time. A high loading time will make the visitors of any site bored and frustrated, and that is what increases its bounce rate too.

As per Radware, in 1999, visitors waited patiently for nearly eight seconds for a site to load: now, however, things have changed as 57 percent of visitors will leave a partially loaded site in a matter of just three seconds. Put simply, if the site is slow to load, it will reduce the conversion rates and the sales.

Optimize the Copy So That It Sells

Headlines, web content and call to action – these elements build a website’s copy, and if it is not compelling, it is not selling. The site’s copy should be optimized with relevant information and appropriate keywords so that it lets the visitors/readers make the final buying decision.

For instance, the headlines need to be short and to the point; if the business can afford relevant wordplay in headlines, then it is always welcome. Apart from that, if the business is having dedicated product pages, then it is wise to populate those pages with relevant yet to-the-point content. One tip: Use bullet points whenever product descriptions are written so that the content is easy to scan.

Unleash the Power of On-Site Blog

As per a survey by HubSpot, any business investing in its in-house blog can acquire 60 percent more customers than the ones that aren’t investing in this strategy. Like a web copy, a blog is one of the best ways of lending a brand a unique voice. For example, if there is a web design company, it has to write blogs depicting the latest trends of designing web properties.

Plus, the site’s blog needs to be keyword-rich. it should have content that is both informative and promotional. To cut a long story short, a blog offers a business an opportunity to display its expertise in the market. Similarly, a blog should also prompt its users – customers and visitors alike – to sign up for a newsletter. In short, writing blogs is the best way of creating and sustaining brand credibility in today’s competitive landscape.

Now, after going through this post, a business will certainly know the importance of building rich UX for a website. If any business is facing low conversions or empty sales funnel due to poor UX, then it should get in touch with a reliable UI/UX design services provider right away. Such a service provider will have the expertise to craft and deploy rich UX to take the existing user experience to the next level.


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