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Powerful Reasons Why Facebook Remarketing Boosts ROI

A business that has smartly invested in Facebook remarketing campaigns will understand that ad targe...
Published: 22 May 2017
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog Powerful Reasons Why Facebook Remarketing Boosts ROI

A business that has smartly invested in Facebook remarketing campaigns will understand that ad targeting helps. But a crucial part of ad targeting, and Facebook remarketing, is finding the target audiences who will be interested in knowing about the business’s services/products or in buying them. So Facebook remarketing is a big thing in today’s social-media landscape, and that is precisely why this post is dedicated to this topic.

Decoding Remarketing

Remarketing is a powerful tactic that targets all those audiences or visitors who have visited a business’s website and have shown their interest in its offerings. The way this technique works is very straightforward. So when visitors arrive at a business site, the webmaster and the business owner have to segment them and create custom ads; these ads will be targeted toward them on Facebook.

In general, remarketing on Facebook will help boost conversion and will lower the cost incurred to acquire a customer. And the biggest benefit of running such a campaign on Facebook is that the ads will be shown to only those people who’ll be actually interested in a business’s products/services.

Target the Right Audience

Finalizing the right audience/visitors for a remarketing campaign is no easy task. For this purpose, businesses generally hire a reliable social media marketing company. So to find the right target audience, a business has to direct the Facebook remarketing ads toward specific visitors. Different strategies can be formed for:

  • Reengaging the visitors who have seen a product/service but have not bought anything
  • Targeting those groups who have closed a sale recently or in the past

One tip: For making the most of any Facebook remarketing effort, a company should separate the users who visited its website organically from those who came under paid search traffic. Once the visitors are segmented, the company will leverage digital marketing services to find them on different social-media channels such as Twitter or Facebook.

The Reasons Why Businesses Invest In Facebook Remarketing

Low Cost per Click

If a business remarkets on Facebook, its cost per click will be lower when compared with the ones encountered while doing the same thing on traditional search engines. The reason for this low cost is that Facebook traffic is less targeted than any search engine traffic.

Facebook remarketing focuses on push marketing where users are doing something other than searching a business’s products/services, and that’s why they are less likely to convert. While in a search engine, a user may specifically search for a business’s offerings-so if a business remarkets in such a landscape, it will focus on pull marketing, which is slightly expensive than its push variant.

Drive Much Higher Conversions

First-time visitors are often very difficult to convert. And if a business’s respective industry is highly competitive, then a visitor may browse countless other sites before stumbling upon any specific one. In many cases, visitors come to a site but bounce back to check the competitor’s site. Now, many a time, these visitors may not come back to that website and it may end up losing its sales.

This is where remarketing through Facebook comes into play. When a company remarkets its ads via Facebook, it targets audiences who may have bounced back from its website. So, in a way, through remarketing, the company is reestablishing a channel by which the visitors can revisit the website.

Because of these two factors, a business should look forward to making the most of the Facebook remarketing landscape. If a business is ready to explore social media prospects,  it should touch the base with a reliable social media marketing company. A reliable social media marketing player will have the expertise and experience in creating and deploying such campaigns successfully on Facebook and other social media channels. So explore how a product/service is remarketed and seize the fresh opportunities on Facebook.


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