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Popular Frameworks For Web Development Nowadays

Frameworks and other web development fads come and go. However, what’s important is to know the fr...
Published: 25 Aug 2015
Category: Advanced Web Development
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Frameworks and other web development fads come and go. However, what’s important is to know the frameworks that have stood the test of time. There’re a couple of frameworks that every business should leverage whenever it’s embarking on a new web development project. Let’s know them in brief.

Ruby on Rails

The framework is the favorite of every leading web development company. Every qualified, experienced webmaster leverages the Rail framework to build premium websites and web apps. The framework is a hit because it helps in:

  • Simplifying work: The platform enables developers to simplify the entire process of web development.
  • Reducing development time: The framework assists the developers to avert performing repetitive tasks, thus, saving a lot of development time and labor cost.
  • Enabling economical production: The platform is suited to perform cutting-edge bespoke software production.

Angular JS

Angular JS is a special JavaScript framework that’s developed by Google. The framework, by far, is the finest way to build high-end powerful web apps. The framework abounds special features that simplify the work for many developers. Some of its features are:

1. Two-way data binding: The feature helps to update an app without having to trundle through the entire code.

2. Declarative User Interface (UI): The framework leverages HTML to make its UI. Such an UI will be intuitive and declarative; that’s the complete opposite of the framework, which is designed using JavaScript.

3. Flexibility: The framework has the power of filters that have made the entire platform flexible. With filters, the data can be controlled and transformed. Plus, with these filters, you can do a range of task, including:

  • Formatting decimal numbers
  • Implementing pagination
  • Filtering an array on the basis of a defined parameter


A business should leverage Django—a framework that’s built on Python—to make the most of the three prevalent CMS’s such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. A couple of other features that motivate businesses to use the platform are as follows:

  • Ease of use: The platform can be used easily to undertake web development work that can be aligned as per a company’s business strategy.
  • The MVC model: Django is based on the Model View Controller (MVC) model; that’s, the biggest benefit of the platform. By working on the MVC model, the platform enables the programmers and app designers to work independently.

So, if you’re ready to initiate a web development project, you should consider any of these web development frameworks right away.


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